Friday, June 26, 2009

Movies I want to see

Unfortunately youtube disabled the embedded code on these so you gotta click on links

Inglorious Basterds


District 9

Movie Time

Terminator Salvation: Theater

Loved every minute of it, again Bale kicks ass in a movie. The timeline put it about 10 years before we heard from John's dad in the first movie. I am trying to say the movie took place ten years before, John's dad said he came from in Terminator 1. So with that confusion explanation that means that there could be another one. The graphics are awesome, the terminators looked great, the story fit right in and of course there was action. My only complaint would be that I wanted to see more of the war, man vs. machine. Maybe we will get more in the next one.

Martyrs: DVD

This rivaled one of my favorite horror/suspense (french) movies, High Tension. Its full of suprises, no holds bar action (gore), suprises and a twist at the end that is hard to watch. I cant say to much without giving it away, if you like High Tension, Hostel (which doesnt compare to this) and Funny Games, good chance you will like this.

Just a note

I'm getting married