Thursday, January 29, 2009


So here are a couple of my thoughts.

Dan said the bomb needed to be put in concrete. Remember a few seasons ago when Sayid was referring to all the concrete in Desmond's bunker? He said the last time he saw this much concrete it was covering up Chernobyl.

Locke and Richard talking about the compass. Remember when Richard came to visit locke's mother when he was a baby? He put out a bunch of items and locke picked out the compass.

Who's the new cute blond with the gun who seemed to know who Dan was?

How did the bomb and the military get there? Why did they leave it or can they not find the island anymore?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zombies Ahead

My sister had posted on this a couple of days ago, but it made foxnews today.

Foxnews Story

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lost Stuff

Well the 2 hour season opener happened last wednesday and it was just as lost as I expected. I dont really want to get into a break down, lets watch another episode first. Here is a cool promo picture, I will also put the link at the bottom. Kate looks hot as ever so does Sun, Dan on the far left, check out his left leg, crazy.

Full size link

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Movie Time

Ok, a brief overview of what I have seen.

Rest Stop 2: *Blu-Ray
As bad as Rest Stop one. The first one tried to trick you with, I am here, no I am a ghost, wait I am real, oh I am a ghost. They tried to keep the line between reality and delusion so close that it became ridiculous and stupid at times. In the second installment they kept it up, but this time did it ten more times, they also left a lot of holes. For instance one of our characters has to take a shit, so he lets the other car go on and stops off at a construction site to shit in a porta-potty. While in there he drops his magazine and reaches down to grab it, when a bloddy arm reaches in and grabs him. He shrieks, and then calmly grabs the magazine and goes on with his shit, forget what just happened. The rest of that scene was full of ridiculous things, proving how bad this film was going to be. They also pushed the reality line by having him meet a chic, covered in blood, give her first ad, make a picnic, clean the blood off her and then have sex, only to find out its not real. Watching the first one we can almost assume its not real, because we fell for it over and over in the original rest stop. Watch this is someone gives it to you and pays you $10.00.

Futurama - Benders Game *Blu-Ray 1080p
If you like the tv show then you will like the movie

Revolver *Blu-Ray 1080p
I have heard that Madonna's husband was a director and yet I had never heard of his work. I did see a preview for his new one Rock N Rolla, but it looked to Shoot Em Up. I saw this movie on Jason Statham's IMDB list and decided to give it a try, for Jason. The movie was more in the lines of Lock Stock and Snatch, rather than a kick ass film like Transporter or Crank. The cinematography was great, actually really great. The movie was almost a mind fuck, I have my opinon on what has happened, but I will post it later if someone else has seen it. The movie stars Jason Statham and the always stressed out, coke acting Ray Liota.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


What a cool fucking movie and here are ten reasons why

Cool Cars
Jason Statham
Awesome Visuals on 1080b blu ray
Jason Statham
Awesome Fights
Jason Statham
Jason Statham
Hot Girl
Jason Statham

It was just fun to watch, it was predictable, corny and out there, but just fun.
Crank fun
Transport fun
Death Race Fun !!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tacoma Dome

It's just weird that I heard ads for this all week when I was there and then to read that this happened.

A freak accident with the worst possible ending.

Foxnews Story

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Speaking of Mirrors.

I have an experiment!! If you have not seen Mirrors and really arent hyped on it, but are willing to try something, DO NOT READ!!!! Do this, go out, rent it and watch the last chapter, which should be the last 10 to fifteen minutes. Just make sure you are near the part where Keifer is taking the old lady in the sewer. Then come back and post what you think the movie is about. If no one will commit, then read on, but if you do comment and let me know your in the process.

It stars Keifer and a cast of many mirrors. I think whomever thought up this movie wanted something new and decided to see what happens when you trap the devil in mirrors. First off, If I get a job as night watchman for a store that had some freakish fire that only scorched things lightly inside but killed the shoppers, I probably wouldnt go in at night. Lets say that I had to, well if my first night included seeing dead people in mirrors and thinking I was on fire, I probably would quit. The movie had me 25% interested untill the end, when in a Lethal Weaponish final fight scene Keifer took on an 80 yr old nun with magic powers. I am not lying.

Only two thoughts

First I would like to talk about "Redbox". I started seeing them at grocery stores and outside of pharmacy's, but it wasn't till my last trip to Seattle that I tried one. To broke for a whore, I decided to try out its $1.00 movie rental. I went online, made an account and selected my movie, Mirrors. When I arrived at the redbox I inserted my credit card, it spit out my movie and immediately sent an email to my phone saying the transaction was complete. The next day I returned the movie and was informed by email that everything went successful. I have to say this was almost to convenient to see new movies while on the road.

Second, someone please explain the **Low battery light**. Low - Battery - Light
Your battery is low, so here is a high frequency, Red #22 light, to pierce the sky and burn retinas

Trivia Answer

The answer to the trivia question was:

Bringing out the dead

The scene was between nicolas cage and ving rhaimes

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Worst Case Scenario

A new trailer is out to Worst Case Scenario!!

Zombies on ballons, still has my attention

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Movie Trivia

Everyone play!!!

This scene involves 2 men

Man 1: Them voices talking to you again

Man 2: YES!!!!

Man 1: What they saying?

Man 2: They're saying kill Marcus, hahahaha!!!!!

Man 1: Man, that shit aint funny.


I watched what could probably be called a girls movie last night and it was surpisingly good. I primarily rented it for Miss Knightly and I must say she looks excellent fully clothed and wet. If you want a love story, mixed with war and a little kid you would strangle for being a bitch, then this is the movie.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Congrats go to...

I want to put a congratulations out to the following winners.

Mickey Rourke for best actor in The Wrestler

Collin Farrel for best actor in a Comedy - In Bruges ***excellent movie, I suggest everyone see it

Danny Boyle for all his work, but he finally gets credit for Slumdog Millionaire

Heath Ledger for being in the best movie ever and playing one of the creepiest roles in Batman. It was best to go down after this than that mountain lover movie.

Anna Paquin for showing her boobs in True blood

Wall-E for best animation


A quick rundown, very quick on a bunch of movies I have watched during my vacation and on my current trip.

Horton Hears a Who and Wall-E:
Both are really good, Wall-E by far the best, I love the way they showed humans in the future.

Narnia - PrinceCaspian
Not as good as the first one, but still really good. I hope they keep up the series, although according to the books the original kids are no longer in them. Well in the next one would be the youngest girl and her cousin and then from there its the cousin and a friend. Either way, I hope they keep it up, I would like to see it end properly on film.

Resident Evil - Degeneration *Blu-Ray looks really good
The next in the series this is the first of many computer animated full length movies. It kept up with the Resident evil feeling, even the very poor english translation was in it. It got a little slow near the end, but if your a fan of the games, then its worth a watch. If your more into the movies, then this may not mean as much to you.

Appleseed - Ex Machina **Blu-Ray looks really good
Just as good as the first, story and animation. Actually the animation was better do to the enhanced 1080p blu-ray. Its a strong addition to the series, if you like the first, you will love the second.

I am sure you have all seen this by now, but it was really funny. There was times when it was almost uncomfortable to watch. I would have expected the Will Farel train to slow down for me, but for some reason I keep thinking his movies are funny.

Dora, donde esta usted?

Early this morning I set off for Metro Airport to set sale for work again. My 4.5 hour flight was almost nice today for a couple of reasons. One being I purchased an exit row which in my mind is the poor mans first class, second I watched 5 episodes of Spaced on my new mini laptop, the Lenovo S10. Around 3:00 PST I landed in the beautiful state of Washington once again. Last time I came in a virgin settler to the new land, made my way to the awesome Larkspur Landing . This time I come as a lonely traveller only here to do my work. My Dora is no longer here, last time we explored the city untill the late night, we even jumped ships and explored the islands. We took our journey right up untill the last minute, exploring the Museum and cathing diner under the guitars of Jimmy Hendrix. I purchased my book The Third Policeman at the Barnes and Noble, gave Dora a hug and went on my way. On December 12th Dora left for home, the land of Sandy Squirell, Texas. Taking a breath and looking at what surrounds me, aside from the scenary, I have realized that Seattle / Bellevue is very expensive. Today at the local Albertsons I purchased a 2 liter of pepsi, that costs me 2.60$. A six pack of smart water runs $9.00 and my favorite welch's concord grape juice, set me back $5.00, double that of Michigan. I started this journey at the peak of the mountain and quickly slid my way to the bottom, now I will sit amongst the normals, that is untill I can be somoene's Dora.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I met OZMAN84 tonight, well not formally, but we did cross paths for a few miles on M24 today. I am going to make some assumptions about OZ, one being that "OZ Man" is a cool name that his pole barn drinking friends gave to him. The other being that 84 probably represents 1984, the year that he was born. This falls together a little more when we talk about the vehicle, a ~2000 Dodge Dakota sport, short box, non-extended black on black truck. Oh yes and Oz is sporting a faded confederate flag, probably put on the back window the same week he got his first truck. I have seen these before, its not like they are a secret, but this one really made me think. What would be a reason in 2009 to wave one of these flags? Lets say your family is a few generations deep from a confederate soldier and you live in the deep south, then maybe you can still feel strongly about your family beliefs. On the other hand if you feel this strongly would you move to a northern state? So I don't really know where i am going with this, but i don't understand why people whom probably don't even know what the flag stood for, go off and wave it with pride. I wonder if Oz wont drink from the same water fountain or wont go into a convenience store if "one of them" is working. Well again I am just going on and on, but I really would like to talk to OZMAN84 in person and ask him these questions personally.


I wanted to talk once more about the newest edition to Batman. I wont go into details because I am sure everyone that's thought about seeing it has seen it by now. I originally saw it at the Henry Ford Museum which is 8 x 6 stories of IMAX theater. I have to say it help up just as good at 1080p on 50", there was one thing i did notice the second time around, the musical score. The music was perfect and had that edgy feeling, something i probably felt the first time around, but didn't really notice. If your watching it for the second, third or fourth time, take a hard listen to the music, it held the movie together perfectly.