Tuesday, December 15, 2009


First let me just say that I am still an advocate of Blu-Ray. We have primarily used the PS3, but I have since put a smaller LCD in Damians room and he has the PS3 in there now. Another thing I have done is left blockbuster online and joined netflix, in which I have the PS3 activated and the Xbox 360 activated, meaning I can stream movies over them. I think this is the next greatest thing.

So my first movie from Netflix is Star Trek, something that has NEVER interested me, the movies, TV Shows or even the games. I sat down with no idea of how Star Trek worked or who anyone was. I have to say that this movie was perfect for me, because it starts you off at the beginning and introduces all the characters. Now I cant compare this to the old show, all I can say is the old show bored the hell out of me and this did not. It was very entertaining, good action, which I thought the old one lacked, and really good visuals. I don't know if the story followed any Star Trek order, but it kept me watching. I would look forward to another one, I just hope its not another "one off" like Hitman where we don't get any follow ups.

My guess is even a non-star trek fan like myself can watch this and enjoy it.