Friday, February 27, 2009


Holy shit, I did not see that coming. Crazy

Tell your thoughts

Friday, February 13, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman

I am sure you have all heard of it by know, but here it is.

Letterman held on and hilarious

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The boy in the stripped Pyjamas (de)

Dont read anything about his film, dont look at IMDB, dont ask anyone, just rent it. I read a quote that I think hit it on the head.

""Never before have I seen a theater sit through the entire credits, your emotions wont let you"

I read this after sitting through the credits myself.

The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A part of life

So I was sitting here in my hotel room doing something on the computer as I have been doing for a week now. The movie Monster was on tv, but I wasnt really paying attention to it, when all of a sudden I started to feel sad and depressed.  It took me a minute of looking around and trying to figure out what brought on this emotion and then it hit me, this song was playing.

A song that will forever be assoicated with an ending

"Made in America"

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Choke is about a guy who takes advantage of peoples kindness after they save him fom choking.  When I sat down to watch it I didnt expect a deep story line that kept me interested through the entire thing.  It does have Bijou Philips in it and she for some reason thinks its ok to do another role with no nudity.  This movie has its fair share of sex and there is no reason she couldnt get involved. I guess I will just have to watch Bully after this or that movie where she gets tagged team by the mexican gang.  Anyways, its a real interesting story, i mean it talks about someone being birthed from Jesus' foreskin, so definitly watch this one.

Donkey Punch

Yes I said "Donkey Punch".  It's a British movie, thriller, gore, suspense and yes its about a donkey punch.  I didnt think it would be possible to focus a movie around this event, but it was possible.  The plot comes together quickly in this short movie, thats when the death and mayhem begins, oh and a donkey punch.  Its an interesting film and to be honest the trailers made it worse than it was.


I finished the second season of Californication and it held up for every minute.  They introduced a new character this year, Lew Ashby, whom was a perfect fit.  I dont want to get into a lot of details, but the shows are only  30 minutes, so i suggest going out and getting it.