Sunday, November 23, 2008

Its movie time again

I failed before to mention that I saw SAW 32 or whatever it was a couple weeks a go. Well I am not sure if I forgot or just neglected to. The story was a Saw story and it had everything you expected. It did seem like they were doing everything they could to button up all the previous Saw's in this movie and in doing so the "Saw" style action that we are used to seemed more like a small side story than the main event. It didn't make things bad, it just made it seemed rushed when it came to the gore, even though they didn't hold back on this one. So if your a fan of the all the rest then you will more than likely need to see this one.

What a bad ass movie this was and what a ton of super nude, super hot chics. Let me start by giving some guidelines on watching this. Make sure you get the Blu-Ray copy and make sure you watch it on 50" of pure hi-def happiness. The movie was filmed to perfection and I think I need to mention the hot, fully nude, FULLY nude, woman. I do tred lightly when calling this bad ass, it really depends on your style, this one floats on bad to good. It got run over with poor reviews on IMDB, but the was either 1 star or 10 stars. Watch the trailer, read the snyopsis, but whatever you do dont read the reviews. If everything seems good so far, watch the damn movie. Bikers, babes and blood.

Deadspace: Downfall
Its an animation prequell to a game called, um Deadspace. Lots of gore, gore and more gore, good story too. Seems to be based on some religion, I should probably have seen the first one in the serioes. Either way it perked my interest in the upcoming game

Ghostly Ghosts

I haven't had a chance to watch the latest Ghost Hunters, but Damian and I did sit down and watch two episodes of Ghost Adventures. The clip below is pretty cool, actually some of the freakiest evidence I have seen. Not only did they capture the footage from one camera in the front, but the person behind the first guy captured a ball of light at that exact moment. I know that may have been hard to follow, but here it is.

Ghost Adventures Video

Monday, November 17, 2008


Well here are some more of my pointless movie reviews.

Definitely, Maybe:
Yes I know this is a chic movie, but I did watch it and I watched it alone. I have no reason, or excuses. Its more than predictable, depressing and you figure it out immediately. I have nothing more.

Wizards of Gore:
This was disappointing, the story got boring fast and the gore wasn't all that good. The one thing that attracted me to it was Bijou Phillips and the Suicide Girls. Phillips doesn't even get naked, now after bully I think she should do xx in every movie. The suicide girls they picked for the movie were not the best, although they did do some full nudity. The "1920's" aspect of the movie made it boring for me, plus it was hard to gather if it was real time, post apocalyptic or just some alternate world.

The Secret:
Probably the weirdest of the movies I watched. So this guy's (David Duchovny) wife and daughter are in an accident, at the hospital they both die, well apparently god messes up and puts the wife in the daughters body instead of heavan and the daughter is caught in limbo. It takes a couple of days for David to believe his daughter/wife that its his wife in the body of his 16yr old daughter. Once this happens so begins the ackwordness of mother getting to see what bad things her daughter does and well David having a wife with needs and umm a no moral standard. The wife seems to forget she is in the body of their 16 yr old daughter and she continualy asks her husband to destroy it. Since David has a problem having sex with his daughter, the wife starts living her life and flirts with screwing high school boys. At one point you feel bad for David and say just fuck her and get it over with, then you think, maybe not thats gross. I figure it this way, he screws her and lives his life, grows old and dies. At the pearly gates well talking to the bouncers he tries to explain that god did this to him and gave him his wife back, he had to make the decision. God sits behind the gates, laughing and wispering to the bouncers "tell him to leave, I would never do that, he's sick, hehehehehe". So David heads down to hell and meets directly with Satan, satan does that because he likes face to face interaction. In my story satan is played by Cheech Marin, so read in your best Cheech voice. "Oh man thats fucked you mean he did that to you? Man I dont know what to say, I mean I would do it, but you? HAHAHA, man that is twisted, you one sick man. Tell you what grab the train to purgatory and let me talk to Jesus, so what we can do"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Putting it to rest

So I believe the GH and all is cool now, I have settled down. They are running new episodes through xmas and then GHI picks up. I still suggest Ghost Adventures over on Travel Channel, they have an interesting show.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jason and Grant respond

I dont know that everyone has access to myspace so i am going to cut and past their responses to what has been going on. This may be long, but it is definitely worth reading if you have been following the GH thing. I have to say they have come through and acknowledged what I wanted to know, they are still my favorite.

From Grant's Myspace:
People are now making videos calling TAPS fakers. It is to be expected, I guess. I just wish that people would give us constructive criticism and help us figure out what happened rather than just take the easy way out by saying we fake stuff.

All I can say is that whoever is making these videos is running on a LOT of assumptions.

I wasn't scrolling through random audio files. I had just heard a voice and was trying to find it on a digital recorder in the cold, then the batteries died. It is a common paranormal event. I showed several people that the batteries died.

The voice was heard through the earpieces because everyone can hear what the filmed team is doing through them. Not to mention that they replayed it through the ear pieces for everyone to hear. Now, how could we and our cameraman have heard it through our ears if it came from the equipment? Also, if it came through the earpieces then, how come we don't hear EVERYTHING that is said through those things? We only hear one voice?

We all do NOT enjoy filming the live show because there are people constantly telling you what to do and where to go etc. That is what Steve and Kristyn fell pray to on TV. If they cut back to a team that was walking in a place with no signal, then you wouldn't be able to see or hear them. Therefore, whenever they come to a team after a break, they want to check and make sure that the team is in a spot with signal. Also, if there is something they want you to address then they tell you during a break.

As far as the sound guy, we all knew he was coming. People aren't just wandering around. He just didn't get there fast enough to deal with the audio issue before we were back from the break.

As for my collar, I really don't know what that is about. There was an earpiece cable running down my sweater that I talked about in the reveal. That is the only thing that could have caused any type of tugging movement. But it was attached to my sweater NOT my jacket and the cable ran to the opposite side of my jacket from the "alleged" hand in an awkward spot. And even then, I had tried pulling on it and it didn't affect my jacket at all. Why did it move when Jay slapped my back? We recreated this event and it did it that way every time. Not sure why. I just don't see how I could have faked it. I understand it looks awkward to people. It doesn't to me because I was just being me.

This stuff just drives me crazy, I really wish people wouldn't assume we are faking stuff. We are instantly accused before we even are given a chance to really dissect it and try to figure it out. Honestly, no offense, but if the show was canceled tomorrow I would be sad yes, but mostly I would just breathe a huge sigh of relief because I would be able to go back to my quiet life with my family.

I guess it is just TAPS's word against the word of people who hate our show and the field of paranormal investigation.

Jason's Myspace:
OK, so here it is.
I have been hearing from people claiming there are youtube videos and so forth claiming we faked it.
Well what ever, to each their own but this is my statements and thoughts!

1 The voice:
Now that voice was so loud I heard it come through my earpiece.
I have never heard a voice that loud on a case.
At the time we heard it I asked if it had come from inside the building or outside.
I asked that directly on live TV!!
If we were faking it then would I have asked?
At the reveal I even asked Lee if a boat could have said it over a megaphone.
The reason I was asking this was because there were Coast Guard and other private boats on the water trying to keep boats from coming ashore.
Common thing someone would say if certain people happen to be in a place they should not be in would be, " Your not supposed to be here!"

Production never used my question to Lee, but it was asked.

Lee stated he did not believe so.
So, before some of you out there accuse me of faking something at least know the facts and listen to what I said on the live show, and now you know I was and still am looking for an explanation for it.

Also, I have been doing this for almost 20 years, why would I destroy that now!
If we ever faked anything and got caught SCIFI would cancel the show instantly, why chance that, especially on a LIVE SHOW?
Scifi and GH are not that important to me to destroy myself in a field that I love to be in, and Scifi would never pressure us into anything like that, nor would we ever anyhow. So those who blame Scifi, do not. They have always been 100% honest and true.

2 Grant's jacket tug!
People come up with the weirdest claims about this, I have heard all these.
1 There was a fishing line running down his jacket
2 There was a remote control that I was using to pull down his jacket
3 Grant was fidgeting with his right hand and was pulling a string
4 Grant's hand was in his pocket working some mechanism.
5 Grant's jacket tugged one last time after I checked it and patted him on the back.

Here is my responses:
1 Fishing line running down his jacket?
I checked his jacket, I even opened it up to try in show everyone at home.
There were two wires Grant had on him, one was his audio cable so everyone could hear him. That ran down his t-shirt in the front of his cloths.
He also had an IFB cable that fed up to his ear. This cable allows Grant to hear our Executive Producer in case there is an issue. This cable ran inside his sweater and up to his left ear I believe. This cable did run down his back, but inside of his cloths, it would have effected his sweater and everything else.
Also the jacket pulled in at outward motion, not a downward motion.
Also a heat signature came off the jacket when it was pulled. I have seen the footage zoomed in and it is strange.

2 A remote control?
Huh? Are you serious?

3 Grant fidgeting.
We were on an Island that was 10 to 15* colder then on the main land.
People put their hands in their pockets or near their side when their hands are cold.
If someone wants to assume he did it for a certain reason then no amount of explanation is going to change their thoughts.

4 Grant working some mechanism.
Same answer as 3

5 Grant's jacket tugged another time after I patted him on back.
No argument there, I saw it happen in the video when looking at the evidence.
I have no explanation, could have been the same thing he was experiencing happening again, or maybe something catching.
Either way he did not fake anything.
I can honestly say I have known Grant for a LONG time, spent 16 hours a day with him in the plumbing field and the paranormal field.
He has never and would never fake any evidence.
Like I said, there will be those out there who will believe what they want to believe, so be it.
All I can do it state my thoughts and feelings.
What the people who claim Grant faked stuff decide to believe is up to them

Speaking of Ghost Adventures

If you havent read the prior post, please do so first. I want to approach this post as if nothing had happened with the Ghost Hunters and they still had my eternal respect, which they still do, depending on how they approach this. When I got home I was glad to see the tivo had picked up an episode of the new show Ghost Adventures (whom I will call GA). The concept is 3 guys, two investigators and one equipement/tech guy. The host of the show says to be a skeptic untill he saw something himself, now he has set out to prove what happened to him. They go to places which are supposed to have "mean" hauntings. They lock themselves in for the night and set out to piss the spirits off. They set up static cameras inside, outside and each carry a camera in which they film eachother with. The idea of the show is pretty cool and i must say I was impressed. They are no Ghost Hunters, they dont seem to be as professional and to be honest they seem to scare themselves a lot. I mean they are putting themselves in that position, they lock themselves inside a house for the night after hearing ghost stories about it, of course they are going to scare themselves. This episode about a house in florida was good, they caught a couple good things on camera. The show is worth seeing, its not GH, but it is a cool idea.

Friday's at 9:00

About those Ghost Hunters

Ok, I just want to recap on what I said about the Ghost Hunters. Personaly i dont feel like they have faked all their footage and proof in the past, but I do feel like they were forced to do something this live episode that they didnt agree with. I think this is evident with Jason's lake of concern with the coat tug and his distant feeling throughout the night. If you watch the video from the live feed (second video below) you see the three coat tugs on the collar as they happened at real time, once this happens Jason comes over and inspects Grants coat. Just after inspecting it he pats Grant on the back and about 2 seconds later Grants coat makes an unatural pull down, the same pull that happened earlier. The conspiracy video (thrid one below) is showing that pat on the back at the end. Once you understand what to look for watch the live feed again and see it in real time. Had that coat not moved the 4th time, remember during the reveal GH neglected to show it, I would believe it 100%. The GH guys are still my go to people when it comes to paranormal, I just hope they address this on wednesday during the roundtable.

Now there is a new show on Travel Channel called Ghost Adventures (click here ). Its about 3 guys whom lock themselves in supposed haunted houses for one night. They have no camera crews and no production, its just them and the cameras they set up. My tivo picked up an episode this weekend, I am going to watch it tonight and see how it is.

I am not giving up on GH, but I definitly think they need to address the problem. If anyone still isnt seeing it in the videos let me know.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What can happen next?

A lot of you know my love for the Ghost Hunters and how I have followed them around since the beginning watching their every move. I have had nothing but respect for them and believed everything they have done. So with this you know how much this bothers me to even talk about this. To me it's like being cheated on, lol, I mean it. Now as we sit thru and read this I would like you to watch the videos in order. I also noted that this year there have been a lot more voices heard outside of the EVP world, more audible to the naked ear. I watched in total about 4.5 hours of the live event and I got to see all the hiccups that happen during a live event. I did think to myself that Jason seemed very out of it and distant from the investigation. Not that it seemed he had something else on his mind, but that he was upset or pissed at the investigation. When things would happen Jason just seemed burnt out on them, or like he didn't care. I pushed it away and thought it was Halloween and he was away from home. I continued to watch my beloved Ghost Hunters throughout the night. I heard the voice live and couldn't believe it, I thought this is amazing. I called my sister and a friend to see if they heard it, but no one had watched it yet.

Sorry for the double post of video, both are the same, cant get the one to go away

Here is the voice.

I couldn't believe it at this point, i didn't want to stop watching, but I had to. I stopped the DVR and decided to wait until the review that was the next week. Normally Josh Gates interviews them and discuss what happens on the show. The review started with no Jason and Grant, just video, they were just showing clips from the live event. Fifteen minutes in I am seeing everything I saw live, but still no Jason, Grant or Josh, what the fuck was going on? I could still the the distance Jason had during the show, it reminded me of how someone acts on a double date when he doesn't like his date.

The footage of the collar getting tug hit me hard, I couldn't believe it. I thought wow, here we have interaction between a ghost and a human. Not only did the collar thing happen once, but three times total. I was blinded by what the odd revel was showing me, true footage, I was noticing nothing more than this great capture. The reveal showed 5 quick angles and that was all, nothing more on it. Here is footage from it live when it happened.

Coat Tugg.

I immediately called my sister and told her how cool it was and that there was another new episode coming on after this. After talking on the phone for a couple of minutes I rewound the tape and watched the coat tug over and over. It was then I remembered how distant Jason was and how he didn't really seem to care, like he almost was avoiding it? What is going on with him? It was about the tenth rewind I started to get mad at myself, I was getting mad because I was starting to question the coat tug. I was getting so mad that I decided I needed to go to the Sci-Fi website and read the forums, I wanted to hear from other fans that that would disprove my feelings that were starting to set in. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got to the forums, It was like hearing a girlfriend had cheated on me. People were mad and saying the same thing "Grant faked the coat footage" I read all the posts, heard all the stories and it all made sense. Was i falling victim to a conspiracy? Was this all shit and I needed to remember that they would never lie to me? People were posting things about Grant never taking his hand out of his pocket when it happened, the English guy snickering and Jason trying to avoid the stunt and getting mad. What? Whats this!!!! Jason was trying to avoid it? I had been seeing it, I had seen his distance and now I knew what it was, it was disapproval. Am i trying to form my own conspiracies now? Am I not believing the two people whom I trusted 110% I quickly went to Jason and Grants myspace pages to see if they have talked and they did. Grant swears his hand was outside the pocket and he didn't fake it, Jason says he believes Grant. i watched the footage again and was even more mad to see clearly his hand in the pocket. I wanted proof this was real, but it seemed to be slipping, the conspiracies made sense and I had seen all this, I just neglected to act on it. I didn't think it could any worse until I saw a post that read "Evidence it was fake". I opened it and read it with caution, but then there was a link. I opened up the youtube video and watched in horror as someone pointed out the bloopers and possible errors throughout the night.

Then at the end came the proof I needed, the proof I needed to realize it was fake. I am disgusted with what i saw, absolutely disgusted.

Here it is.

Next week there are having the round table show with Josh Gates, I can only hope that they nip this in the ass. I don't feel as though they will be on next season and if they are, I am confused on how I will feel about the show.

Comments are expected

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I am watching my Tivo'd GH Live while typing out these last two posts. If you have it taped, go to about 1hr 25 minutes in with Jason and Grant and holy shit they get one of the creepiest disemboweled voices ever. It seems that they have been getting more and more voices this year that we could hear with our own ears, this one live, scared me, but I had to rewind it. I am glad melissa didnt have Sci-Fi, because Damian wouldnt have slept after this.



Its a movie weekend!

Well I started the weekend off sick, or in the finals of a cold. I took friday off after barely making it through thursday and headed to saginaw around noon, went to Halie's school for a singing halloween thing and then off to trick or treat. It was a nice weekend for it, but it went south around 7 PM, thats when I reliazed melissa doesnt get Sci-Fi. I wanted to be part of the 7 hour investigation with my friends from GH and Destination Truth, but I had to sit back and wait to watch the Tivo'd version at home. So I went to my bag of new movies and decided to settle in and watch a few. Here we go, in order they appeared.

Friday: Halloween
Wanting to keep with the Halloween theme I went for the scary type movie in my bag. First lets talk about some things to come out of the 90's that we liked. Porn staring Jenna Jameson, Freddie Kruger and Tom Savini's redux of Night of the Living Dead. With that lets discuss their evil counterparts, like Jenna's gang rap (sorry jenna), Robert Englund trying to act and Zombie Ninja Gangbangers (click here). Ok so now that its all clear, lets talk about Zombie Strippers. I know i am not a director, but if i have a movie with a porn stars name on it and a title stripper, we best have lots of nudity and some good ole sex. What we get is no sex, about 1.5 seconds of frontal from Jenna and then her covering her breasts for the majority of the film. Of and when they are Zombies and they strip, they start taking less and less off. Its hard to believe that this movie wasnt non stop xx action, shit Porky's had more, and its good thing they didnt try and make a movie based on their title. There was a couple of funny parts, but only a couple, it was mainly plagged with horrible acting and even worse zombies. There was a scene where female anatomy was used as a weapon, but they refrained from even getting graphic. Rent at your own risk, mainily if your bored.

Saturday Afternoon: War, Inc.
Not a lot to say on this one, just another funny and good John Cusack film. I cant really think of any bad movies he has mad, I mean some are not great, but they are all watchable. Come on, what about "Better off Dead", I can still sit and laugh through this entire film, shit almost all his 80's films are classic. War, Inc has him back as hitman (like his excellent film, grosse pointe blanc), where he has to go to a war torn country to kill someone. The movie makes fun of our political system, presidents and our ability to market almost everything. I dont want to give to much away here, so definatly read about it and if it sounds good, rent it.

Saturday Night: Tracy Fragments
Hmmmm, ummmm, hmmmmm
If you lost your copy of Buffalo 66, you could watch this.
For those of you I work with this comment will make sense, its like having TMI read a script to a movie. Now for those of you that dont understand that, TMI is a person I work with, we have nicknames for everyone. When TMI talks its like this, lets put it in numbers, if you asked him to count to ten it would go like this. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ..... 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...1, 10. So if the confusion that makes, makes any sense, then welcome to Tracy Fragments. If you rent it, there is a special feature where people can take raw footage make their own Tracy Fragments movie, well the winner made a better video that the director did.

Sunday Afternoon: High School Musical 3
Well I have watched the first two when they came out on Disney Channel, Damian really liked it, so i have seen it a few times. When the 3rd edition came to theater I figured Damian would be more than excited to see it, but when I asked he wasnt interested at all. After some asking over and over I got it out of him that his friends would make fun of him for liking it and they wouldnt be his friends. I felt really bad, because I know what its like to enjoy something that other people dont and to be made fun of for it. I figured I was already making it better, because he could talk to someone about it. I asked him if he really wanted to see it and he said yes, but was still hesistant. I wanted to explain to him that if his friends make fun of him for it then they arent true friends, but he is onle 7 and thats hard to swallow at that age. The older you get your friends begin to accept you for who you are and not the things you like or dislike, so I decided to go another step. I told him we could go and it would be our secret, he didnt have to tell anyone and if anyone did find out he could tell them that his dad is a huge fan and made him go. So off to the movies we are, pop corn, pop and a musical. I have to say there are a lot of movies that I would have never watched had I not had kids. Watching those movies now I think I enjoy them a lot more. #3 was like the rest, singing, dancing and hot chics.