Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Rock n Rolla (blu-ray)

I'm not going to beat this up, my sister had a good review on her site. I really liked this, its safe to say if you liked Snatch, then you will probably like this. I still think Snatch is better, but I never once thought about when the movie will end.

Max Payne (blu-ray)

Another game gone movie and it happens to be a game, two part series, that I really enjoyed. I guess that would be why I feel obligated to buy the movie when it comes out. If you ever get a chance to play the game, do it before you watch the movie. The movie is an accelerated Max Payne 2. Max Paynes wife was killed in the first one, just like in the movie, but the second one is when he brought the entire thing down, that is where this movie ends. The cinemetography was good and of course my man crush on Mark Walhberg helps. It also features a short run of Olga Kurlenko, the sexy vixen who bared all in Hitman and is the latest Bond girl. She is also the love of my life and every reason I think I should order a Russian mail order bride. They didnt focus much on Payne's drug addiction in the beginning, but did show him using the Valkyre drug at the end, the one that makes you see demons and holuscinate. In the game Max is strung out and kills everyone, the movie fallows it loosely, but it does maintain the story line 100%. It is worth seeing, but I think a person who has played the game first, will enjoy it more.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Lost Book

I finished reading, about a month ago, The Third Policeman. It was the book that hid the Darma Initiative tape, the one Desmond instructed Locke to watch. The book was awesome, it was so dizzying and mind fucking that it actualy makes you sick to read, lol, im not kidding. Did you ever get those weird dreams when your sick, well thats how this book was. I would say this book could very well explain the first two, possibly 3 seasons.



Aside from my sisters blog "Mother Firefly's Faster Pusscats" , Jorge Garcia's (Hurley from Lost) blog, "Dispatches from the Island" is probably one of my favorite blogs. I don't get all snickery about actors, but I think this is proof that Jorge (Hurley) is just another regular person. I think hes like a big kid, like all of us. Its definitely worth a read. It has little to do with Lost, so don't expect any secrets.

Movies in Nebraska

Walled In
Why is it that Mischa Barton looks like a cute little girl down on a farm, but sounds like a 50yr old trucker? Even the kid in the movie asked if she was a "dike", thought we retired that word, but he did ask. I don't think it was scripted, it just came to mind and he ad-libbed. The movie wasn't that good, but I didn't feel like I wasted any time. Its about an architect who builds freaky buildings, someone murders 13 people inside them by burring them alive in the walls. Mischa works as an engineer who gets buildings ready for demolition and this place is her next job. There are some twists and turns, but nothing that makes you step back. Watch if on Sci-Fi one day, but I wouldnt rent it, like I did.

Sex Drive:
Its a comedy so not a lot to discuss without ruining it. Its pretty funny, had some decent out loud laughs. The part with the donut and dildo was the best. It seems like most "provocative" comedies are starting to blend together, hopefully we still get some standouts. Its worth the rent.

Let the Right One In:
This movie was awesome, you must see this. My sister also wrote a good review, go check it out here (Mother Firefly's Faster Pussycats) . I am not a fan of love stories, what I think is a love story, doesn't qualify for Friday night date movies. For instance, True Romance , I think this is a love story and its one of my favorites. I think Let the Right One In is a love story and now it is one of my favorites. Its not just a favorite because of the "love" aspect, the entire thing rocked. Directors who make movies that aren't meant to break box offices, always seem to use the coolest, subtle, screen shots. They have a way to make every scene brilliant, even if it has no meaning. Also there is something about a horror film done in the winter and there is even more of something about a vampire movie filmed in the dead of winter. There is something about the lack of ambient "happy" sounds that we have in the winter. You can experience this in the country areas of Michigan in the winter. I am sure that this is even more true in places that experience dead winters. When movies are done like this, they produce more of a intament moment for me, when its just me, the character and that's it. There wasnt one thing wrong with this film. My only thing would be to try the Swedish version and use subtitles, dont do the dubbed version, the voice overs are really bad. I looked around on imdb forums about the movie and there was talk of an alternate ending, but I couldnt find one. I was also worried that the forums would be flooded with people complaining about the brief nude scene. I am happy to report that there was only one post, I am sick of people nit picking and thinking they all know what is best for us. It's art, thats all.

LTROI Deleted Scenes, please watch the movie first..

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Has anyone watched this yet, Its on NBC. The first episode was really really good. Its like a modern times biblical / medieval story. Very well done, the cast fits in awesome, the cinematography was good, nothing to complain about. I think its on Sundays, everyone should watch the first episode. It seems to be about two kings, one in what we would call the USA and the other in, again what we call, Canada, but it seems like the countries as we know it dont exist or never did.

Blu Ray

Not sure if this is nation wide, but the walmart here in loncoln had some awesome deals going on bluray. The now have movies for $10-15.00 regular price, not a sale. Movies like Terminator, ClockWork Orange, Black Hawk Down (which i got) and lots of other good movies. Its definatly worth checking out.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hot off the shit press

The Haunting of Molly Hartley

This was probably the worst "scary" movie I have seen in a long time. You should probably just ignore this one, but I almost say watch it just to see how not to make a movie. I don't even know if this can be classified as scary, there was one scary face in the middle, besides that it just had scary noises, I'm not lying. There wasn't one monster, ghost, demon or gore scene in it. Just a bunch of girls in skirts whom never take their tops off, come on who makes a movie without nudity, at least give us something. Its 88 minutes of pure shit, there isnt one thing scary about this, not even the dramatic and twisty end produces so much as a scare. The movie ends on a high noted teenage rock song, it didn't make any fucking sense.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Earning a little more respect.

I have been a Howard Stern fan/listnener for about 2 years now, I even subscribe to his Sirius show, which to me is one of the best shows around. One thing I have found over the years is I tend to like people more once they are on his show. For instance, Chevy Chase, I like most his movies, but that was about it, never new much about him. He had a personal beef with Howard for years and finally he came on the show last year to clear it up. The Chevy Chase that was on Stern reminded me of his National Lampoon character. He was super funny, crude and didn't give a shit what he said. He was telling a story about his abusive dad and how he would hide from him. Howard asked what he would do when his dad would come after him, Chevy responded that he would run up to him and start sucking his dick. Now I know in text this probably wasn't that funny, but hearing Chevy tell the story had me in tears, he just went on and on.

That brings me to today's guest, Russel Brand. I didn't like him in the MTV music awards and thought he was ok in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He was on Stern today talking about all his drug abuse and how he once jerked a guy off in the bathroom of a gay bar for a TV show. He was fucking hilarious on there and I started to give him a little respect.

I also thought Rosie O'Donnell was great on there and I was never a fan of hers. I think when people get on there they tend to loosen up and not worry about what others think. I will to this day stick by my words that Gilbert Gottfried is the funniest man alive when he is on that show. I know its a far leap, but he says some off the wall shit and a lot of the time Howard just lets him go on and on till he digs a hole he cant get out of. I don't know if any of these interviews are available online, maybe YouTube or torrents has them. If you don't have Sirius or ON Demand to watch the show, I highly suggest trying to get it elsewhere, especially those guests.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Movie time and some random thoughts

Righteous Kill (blu-ray)
I think this would have been good 15-20 years ago. I still think that the movie Heat has one of the best shoot out scenes in it and it also has and awesome cafe scene with Robert and Al talking out their differences. It felt like I was watching too really old actors do something they cant anymore and that is act physically tough. Put either one of these guys behind a desk in another great mobster movie and you have a winner, but put them on the street beating up 50 Cent and you've made a bad movie. Oh, quick note, props to 50 Cent, he can actually act. Its an ok cop movie, but that's it, they just cant be tough anymore. Al and Robert need to stop with the tough roles.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Ummmm, good for the kids

Babylon AD (blu-ray)

First off it felt like a bad take on Children of Men and I heard the director even thought it was shit, but I did fall in love. No, not with Vin, my man crushes are spread thin enough with Jason S, Mark W, David D and Kevin C, but with the star of the movie Melanie Thierry (click here for pics). I want to say that Vin does an excellent job of playing a shitty actor, much like Keanu and Forest Whitaker (sorry if your a Forest fan). I did learn a very scary something about this movie. That Vin turned down the lead role in Hitman, to play in this dump. Yes, can you belive that!!!!! I love the Hitman series of games and will forever stand behind them and how powerful a movie series they could make. I was VERY dissapointed in the pussy ass lead they picked for the movie, in fact Jason Statham plays that character in the Transporter, why the fuck didnt he get the spot. Now, to find out that Vin diesel turned down the lead role, that means he had the part. That means they were taking the character way off the fucking charts for that movie. If your not familar with the game, look up Agent 47, google it and you will see a thin, tall, pale, bald character, but the melting pot of race calledd Vin Diesel was chosen for the move!! Ok, back to the movie. I thought the story was cool, the effects were cool, the actor sucked, actress was hot and everything else was in between. Matter of fact I would rather watch every movie containing the Rock, before another Vin movie. I meant that with no disrespect to the Rock, I actualy like his movies and acting.

Wanted (blu-ray)

I started watching this a couple months ago and stopped, then it came in the mail so i figured I had to. The first 20 minutes was really hard, couldnt get into the sci-fi action. Plus, I dont like Angelina Jolie as a "tough" girl. She plays a hard ass about as good as Danny Glover plays a cop. Speaking of, I always say "Im getting to old for this shit" when someone says the name Danny Glover, its kind of like Pee Wees word of the day, but did you know that he was not the first one to coin the term? When I was in Seattle last I watched a movie called "To Live and Die in LA" , starring William Patterson. In the beginning he is at a retirement party for his partner, whom retires in a couple of days, played by Michael Greene. While outside talking about getting out of the secret service Jim Hart (played by Michael Greene) slews the forever over used words "Im getting to old for this shit". I almost pissed myself and becuase there was no tivo there, I had to relive the memory in my head. This was actualy a good movie and it had one of the most abrupt, wouldnt think it would happen, moments in movie history (See Below). So back to Wanted, didnt like it, to much shit, cant stand Jolie. I really liked Night Watch and Day Watch was pretty good, but I think the director lost out on Wanted.

*****Spoiler*****Dont read if you plan on watching To live or Die in LA******
Patterson is hunting down the men whom killed his partner right before his retirement. The entire movie he is chasing them, then about 15 minutes before the end, he runs into the bad guys house and some no name actor, jumps out a locker and blows his head off with a shotgun. Boom, just like that, the main character is gone and he didnt even get justice, fucking crazy. I didnt see it coming and I dont think Patterson did either, but it was awesome. At this point you would think, WTF, well the movie just picks up with someone else for about 15 minutes and he does his own thing, lol, I am not lying. FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost away

I wont get into details because I know some of you have not seen it. I have to say that this season of Lost, aside from the first couple, has to be one of the best.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

So I waited a long time for this to hit the shelf and here it is in its Blu-Ray goodness. I am not going to beat around the bush on this, I wasnt happy. I mean Bruce was awesome, but the movie was just lacking. I would had preferred watching Army of Darkness again. There are lots of extras on this that are pretty entertaining, so make sure to check them out. I am not saying to stay away, if your a fan then watch it, but dont expect the next Bubba Hotep.

Let me update this. Bruce was good in this movie, don't get me wrong. I especially liked the concept of the movie, it was great. I just think I was looking for a Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness and it fell short from that. I felt like i was watching a washed down version of what it could have been.