Tuesday, December 15, 2009


First let me just say that I am still an advocate of Blu-Ray. We have primarily used the PS3, but I have since put a smaller LCD in Damians room and he has the PS3 in there now. Another thing I have done is left blockbuster online and joined netflix, in which I have the PS3 activated and the Xbox 360 activated, meaning I can stream movies over them. I think this is the next greatest thing.

So my first movie from Netflix is Star Trek, something that has NEVER interested me, the movies, TV Shows or even the games. I sat down with no idea of how Star Trek worked or who anyone was. I have to say that this movie was perfect for me, because it starts you off at the beginning and introduces all the characters. Now I cant compare this to the old show, all I can say is the old show bored the hell out of me and this did not. It was very entertaining, good action, which I thought the old one lacked, and really good visuals. I don't know if the story followed any Star Trek order, but it kept me watching. I would look forward to another one, I just hope its not another "one off" like Hitman where we don't get any follow ups.

My guess is even a non-star trek fan like myself can watch this and enjoy it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Paranormal Activity

Its been a while since I have been to the movies,and seeing how missed out on District 9, Inglorious Bastards and Zombieland, I was beyond excited to see Paranormal Activity. My wife is not a "going to the movies" person and not a big fan of scary movies, which I think would make it more fun, so I had to find some cohorts for adventure. Now if you ask me the theater doesnt have enough valley girl talking, bubbling gum popping teens running around, so I took two with me. My 17yr old sister-n-law and her 16yr old friend, oh yeah and I was reminded at the ticket counter that they dont make money in school. We managed to take our seats just as the movie started, missing out on the opening written dialog, that I am still not sure its contents. The movie was low budget, it was grainy and sometimes out of focus, but you soon forget all of this. They do a good job of letting us get to know the two characters, there are only three in the film. It doesnt overkill trying to get us (the viewers) to bond with the characters, it seems to know when to stop. I dont want to get into the things that happened, it would ruin it, and I really do believe that its the suspense that makes this film. I dont see there being any replay value, unless you are watching it with a group of people whom have not yet seen it. With no major effects, blood, gore or jump out of the closet scares, this movie was probably one of the best I have watched in a while. You start to cringe when day to turns to night, you get scared, just as they would. Everyone feels safe in daylight and so did they, as they filmed and you could tell the day was wearing on, you started to get the same anxiety they did, afraid for the lights to go out. The do a great job with making even the most subtle event scary, making you not want to look at the screen, or afraid to focus because you know something may happen. The major difference in this, is most films you are to feel like one of the characters and see things through there perspective. The unforunate part of this is as a viewer sometimes we see things that are about to happen, even though our perspective tells us different, that to me takes away a lot of the suspense. Paranormal Acivity puts us in the seat of viewing what going on around them, as though we were invited into their home to see whats happen. We being the camera the actors are able to acknowledge us and take us along, we dont have the advantage of seeing whats around the corner. With this persepective one of the best parts is seeing what they cant, when they are asleep we are their eyes and ears. You feel like you want to wake them up or cover up and try and sleep with them. Some of the scariest moments was when nothing happened at all.

Friday, September 4, 2009


If David Lynch did Dirty Dancing



Top Gun

Friday, August 21, 2009

Twizzlers are?

No matter how much you chew them they never dissolve, the pieces just keep getting smaller. Has anyone really looked into if these are to be consumed?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I dont do drugs
I dont drink
I dont gamble

Jealousy consumes me, it eats away at me. The moment I forget about it, it comes back full force.

It drains your face and pulls your chest in, all you want is to close your eyes, but your afraid. Your afraid if you stop looking something may pass you by.

It makes you look for things that aren't there and even if satisfied it reminds why you need to keep looking.

It fills your head with the worst possible images, it makes your mouth run.

It makes you take things to far, always going over the limit. One question leads to two, which leads to three, which leads to hang ups and then to fighting.

It makes you forget who is around you

It makes something of nothing and then more of less

It makes them scared

It makes them hurt

It makes you say "I'm Sorry"

It makes them leave

It makes you cry

It makes you sad

It doesnt allow you to enjoy anyone

Like a demon I can watch it destroy everything, yet I cant stop it. I let it take advantage of me whenever it wants. No matter how good the couple minutes prior where, it finds a way to destroy it. He fills your head with thoughts, images, feelings, things all meant to hurt.

It wont go away, until long after she does

Friday, June 26, 2009

Movies I want to see

Unfortunately youtube disabled the embedded code on these so you gotta click on links

Inglorious Basterds


District 9

Movie Time

Terminator Salvation: Theater

Loved every minute of it, again Bale kicks ass in a movie. The timeline put it about 10 years before we heard from John's dad in the first movie. I am trying to say the movie took place ten years before, John's dad said he came from in Terminator 1. So with that confusion explanation that means that there could be another one. The graphics are awesome, the terminators looked great, the story fit right in and of course there was action. My only complaint would be that I wanted to see more of the war, man vs. machine. Maybe we will get more in the next one.

Martyrs: DVD

This rivaled one of my favorite horror/suspense (french) movies, High Tension. Its full of suprises, no holds bar action (gore), suprises and a twist at the end that is hard to watch. I cant say to much without giving it away, if you like High Tension, Hostel (which doesnt compare to this) and Funny Games, good chance you will like this.

Just a note

I'm getting married

Monday, May 11, 2009

What the fuck am I saying

We count on people for a lot of things, but we mainly count on our family and our friends. For me friends have been my main source of counting. I grew up with my friends and when I say grow up I dont mean grow up in a traditional sense, as in babies. When something ends of course something new must begin and mine took place when I moved to Marlette. So my six close friends came from my beginning, my growing up phase. They have been there for the partying, the drinking and drugs. They heard a life born and then instantly die off. They have guided us through mental breakdowns, illegitment children and fathering children that are not ours. They've seen us move, move back, move away and let it all go. They all hold in common the fact that they see it first, family just hears of it. I dont like to be public, I like personal space, a space that no one else can see. I dont want to let anyone in it, because I dont like sympathy or empathy. I wont get excited, I wont say I like it, I wont cry at a funeral. I wont hug you and like it, I wont be "mushy". I'm not doing this for a response, I am doing this to start over. Like any engine things have to exhaust. I dislike woman, dont like them, I dont respect them. I have proven this time and time again, by misleading, using and leaving them. I do not regret this, I never have and never will. I feel no shame as a matter of fact I enjoyed it. I made it a game, I always win and if I cant, I will make sure we both lose. It has been 8 years since I even tried to care about someone other than my kids and I dont feel an ounce of pain. I feel nothing for the victims of my game, but remember my victims never feel physical pain. I believe in order to physicaly hurt someone you have to be emotional and care. I lack emotion and dont care, I go into everything with an exit strategy, when your planning the day, i've already planned the week. I wont let anyone get a step ahead of me.

"Don't cry, Don't Fear, you wont die, because I don't think deaths real"

In order to be vulnerable you have to feel and if you cant feel then you are always safe. Safety is key, safety is everything. Sometimes games end, faster than they started and safety is thrown away. Marc Antony went to Egypt to kill Cleopatra and instead fell in love. A wolf in a sheep's skin. My games are over, my time is up. I've decided that I have met my match and instead, the revealing wolf has become a sheep. Sometimes the enjoyment of pure happiness is overwhelming and cannot be controlled, sometimes you just don't give a shit what other people think. Sometimes its nice to think you could never fight with someone, get mad or walk away. Sometimes its easier to love than to hate. Sometimes its easier to just................................................... be happy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

DVD Cometh

When are the DVD god's gonna get off their asses and finally release this?


Well its been a while, if anyone cares. I just wanted to mention a couple of shows.

Kings -
Looks like its getting the boot, it went to Saturdays.

Southland -
This was the other new show NBC started, but the director of ER, its on Thursdays at 10:00. I really like this, excellent cop show. Plus it had an episode with Tom Sizemore, he played a strung out actor, what better role is there.

Dexter - Season 3
Watched this in Lincoln, fucking awesome, Dexter continues to sit on top.
There is suppose to be a new season in 09, Cant wait for Californication to come back on either.

Rescue Me -
Still cant say enough about this show, but best to start from the beginning

Last episode, not the special episode the one before, was brilliant. We learned a lot and of course they threw a fucking wrench in at the end. If you havent been reading Dispatches from the Island, I highly suggest it. This post makes me laugh everytime, Soft Rock.

Jorge Garcia

Monday, April 13, 2009

World War Z

Speaking of Quantum of Solace the Director, Marc Foster, has been chose to direct World War Z.

Movie Weekend!!!!!!!

Bedtime Stories
This was actually a good, the kids liked it and I could deal with Sandler, not a big fan of his. I cant say I would have run out and get it, if it wasn't for the kids.

Marley and Me
This was good, really liked it, sad ending. I like how they didn't make the good things the dog did a big deal, it wasn't saving a hijacked bus or playing basketball. Everything was subtle, almost as if it was a side story. Cant stand Jennifer Aniston, tried the entire movie to find something appealing about her and couldn't do it. Not sure how she has gotten this far, she's not even sexy.

James Bond: Quantum of Solace (bluray)
I've heard a lot of people bitching about this and I have to say that I disagree. The only complaint I had about this was it seemed like they tried to slip in some of the "cuteness" of the older bonds. We don't need that, keep it gritty and real, just like its meant to be. If I had another complaint it would be the scar on Olga, nothing you can do to make her ugly, nothing. Other than my love for Olga, I thought it was another good bond movie. I have to say that by far Daniel Craig is my favorite, I hope he continues to stay in the series.



Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Squirrels of Metro Park (Beach)

The kids and I went to Metro Park today, Damian has been wanting to see a "Great Lake". On our journey back from the water Damian said to me "look at the squirrel", to my suprise when I turned around the squirrel was about three feet from me. It didnt stop there, it went around Damian and came right up to sis and I. Hailie was scared and started to cry, but it didnt stop Sandy Cheeks from getting about 1 foot from us, sitting down and waiting patiently. It was almost like he was waiting for a command. We walked about 10 feet away and the squirrel went up on a bench a sat down. Another family was coming down the other crosswalk, we watched them walk by and the squirrel did nothing. We then walked back, Damian first, the squirrel got down walked past Damian and came right back to Hailie again. He was never aggressive, just over friendly, I think. Strange thing was we encountered another squirrel on the way back to the car and he did the same thing, walked right up, so close this time that Hailie screamed and made sure I picked her up.

Here are some photos, I also sent
an invite to see more pictures taken

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dont know why

I am not sure why I look into air disasters as much as I do, seeing how I fly at least once a month you would think I would stay away from it. Northwest Airlines Flight 255. wiki link, was a MD-82 carrying 149 passengers and 6 crew. It originated in Saginaw, laid over in Detroit and then headed for its final destination in Phoenix, Az. I was 9 years old when this flight failed to lift off the ground, killing 154 on board and 2 pedestrians driving on Middlebelt (I-94 overpass). I person survived, 3 year old Cecelia Cichan of Arizona, her mother, father and 6 year old brother all perished on the plane. Her body was found just a few feet from her parents, still in her seat. The MD-82 never got off the ground due to pilot error, the flaps and slats where not in the proper position for take off. Now engineers thought of this before hand and implemented a warning device that would give notice that the plane was not ready for take off, this device was not in service.

Here is the audio from the cockpits CVR click

The story of Cecelia is nothing short of amazing, 3 years old, sole survivor of a great tragedy. Looking at scenes from the accident you cant but think it had to be an act beyond human. Here are photos, its a slide show. Everyone knows what the yellow tarps mean, one of the Dr's in charge
of the makeshift morgue said no bone was intact.

Pictures click

She was adopted by her Aunt and Uncle in Alabama and they kept her from publicity. In her 20's now, college grad, married and a Psychologist. From what I understand she
has never been to the memorial, but she does sign into the guestbook and leave a note every anniversary.

The more I looked into this tragedy, the harder it becomes to grasp. I think I always see what has happened on the exterior. The yellow tarps, twisted metal, suitcases and list of names tragically lost. Behind all that are families torn apart and in some cases families completely lost. Cecelia had to start her life over again without knowing her parents or her older brother, the miracle baby whom lost everything. The entire Best family from Mesa was lost, Father, Mother and their 3 children.
The Byelich family from Chandler and two branches of the Geiger family, one from Phoenix and one from Gilbert, all died on the plane. It wasn't until I read the name Justin Keener did I really understand loss. His story was shadowed by Cecelia's, not that it was a miracle, but to me it was the greatest loss. Being a parent its hard to think of what you would do in that situation, the moments before death. One one NWA flight the stewardess explained to the mother of a baby that in case of an emergency she is to put her son onto the floor and hold him there. Could you? Planes are not meant to crash, in fact there is nothing safe about them, except if they take off and land, then it did what it was meant to. In those final moments of flight I dont think my children would be anywhere but held tightly. I fly alone for work and have come to the realization that if something did go wrong I could only sit it out, hope that they know I love them. The most tragic part of falling to your death would be seeing the fear in their eyes, them looking to you to save them, something you have no control over. Alaska Airlines flight 261 dropped from 30,000 feet to 24,000 feet when a horizontal "jackscrew" stabilizer failed. The passengers on board had to feel relief when the pilots leveled the plane out, but a few minutes later their fate was decided. The Mcdonald-Douglas MD-83 went into a vertical roll and dropped 24,000 feet into the ocean, no one knows what they did their last few moments. Justin Keener was 12 years old and flying alone on Flight 255. He was visiting his Aunt and Uncle in Michigan, this was his first ever flight alone. His parents were not aware they plane had crashed, untill they arrived at the airport to pick him up.

Here is an excerpt written on Justin:

Robin Spotleson still cries when she talks of her son.

She also tries to think of what he would be like as a grown man.

"He was just a sweet boy, kind of quiet," she remembers. "He was very kind. Very loving."

She and her husband, Justin's stepfather, arrived at the airport unaware the plane had crashed. She was surprised to hear her husband being paged when they walked into Sky Harbor but presumed it was to tell them that the plane would either be late or early.

She continued toward the gate while he went to hear the message.

When she arrived at security to walk through, she said that it was very quiet and that people stepped back when a policeman approached her.

"The policeman walked up to me and touched my arm, I remember that," she said. "He started walking me. I remember a door opening, and there were people crying and grabbing at me."

Spotleson has managed to get through the hard times, in part, because she and her husband had a daughter five years later. Her faith also tells her that she will see her son again.

"Twenty years is a long time," she said. "Justin would be 32 now. But it still hurts, I still think of him every day."

The doomed flight lasted only about 19 seconds, but Spotleson cannot bear the thought that Justin was alone during those terrifying moments.

After the crash, she learned that man sitting next to her son was a father flying without his children.

"In my heart, I believe he was holding on to my son," she said. "I have to believe that."

My knowledge of Justin is minimal, what I know is what you know, yet the story still makes my stomach turn and eyes burn. It's impossible to think what could have happened for those brief seconds, what unfolded, what he thought. I dont know how his parents dealt with the situation. I would have to know everything, I would have to see.

After writing this I decided to look into my upcoming flight this Sunday the 19th. For the first time ever I will be flying on a NWA Mcdonald-Douglas DC9-50.

A list of those lost click

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Something about that Kate, still makes me feel all funny inside.

Hurleys conversation about time travel and Back to the Future was awesome, I was wondering if that would come up in this
. Could this show get any f'ing better this season. So, I am rambling now, but it looks like maybe the asian guy was right about time travel, damn and i thought hurley had him.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Rock n Rolla (blu-ray)

I'm not going to beat this up, my sister had a good review on her site. I really liked this, its safe to say if you liked Snatch, then you will probably like this. I still think Snatch is better, but I never once thought about when the movie will end.

Max Payne (blu-ray)

Another game gone movie and it happens to be a game, two part series, that I really enjoyed. I guess that would be why I feel obligated to buy the movie when it comes out. If you ever get a chance to play the game, do it before you watch the movie. The movie is an accelerated Max Payne 2. Max Paynes wife was killed in the first one, just like in the movie, but the second one is when he brought the entire thing down, that is where this movie ends. The cinemetography was good and of course my man crush on Mark Walhberg helps. It also features a short run of Olga Kurlenko, the sexy vixen who bared all in Hitman and is the latest Bond girl. She is also the love of my life and every reason I think I should order a Russian mail order bride. They didnt focus much on Payne's drug addiction in the beginning, but did show him using the Valkyre drug at the end, the one that makes you see demons and holuscinate. In the game Max is strung out and kills everyone, the movie fallows it loosely, but it does maintain the story line 100%. It is worth seeing, but I think a person who has played the game first, will enjoy it more.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Lost Book

I finished reading, about a month ago, The Third Policeman. It was the book that hid the Darma Initiative tape, the one Desmond instructed Locke to watch. The book was awesome, it was so dizzying and mind fucking that it actualy makes you sick to read, lol, im not kidding. Did you ever get those weird dreams when your sick, well thats how this book was. I would say this book could very well explain the first two, possibly 3 seasons.



Aside from my sisters blog "Mother Firefly's Faster Pusscats" , Jorge Garcia's (Hurley from Lost) blog, "Dispatches from the Island" is probably one of my favorite blogs. I don't get all snickery about actors, but I think this is proof that Jorge (Hurley) is just another regular person. I think hes like a big kid, like all of us. Its definitely worth a read. It has little to do with Lost, so don't expect any secrets.

Movies in Nebraska

Walled In
Why is it that Mischa Barton looks like a cute little girl down on a farm, but sounds like a 50yr old trucker? Even the kid in the movie asked if she was a "dike", thought we retired that word, but he did ask. I don't think it was scripted, it just came to mind and he ad-libbed. The movie wasn't that good, but I didn't feel like I wasted any time. Its about an architect who builds freaky buildings, someone murders 13 people inside them by burring them alive in the walls. Mischa works as an engineer who gets buildings ready for demolition and this place is her next job. There are some twists and turns, but nothing that makes you step back. Watch if on Sci-Fi one day, but I wouldnt rent it, like I did.

Sex Drive:
Its a comedy so not a lot to discuss without ruining it. Its pretty funny, had some decent out loud laughs. The part with the donut and dildo was the best. It seems like most "provocative" comedies are starting to blend together, hopefully we still get some standouts. Its worth the rent.

Let the Right One In:
This movie was awesome, you must see this. My sister also wrote a good review, go check it out here (Mother Firefly's Faster Pussycats) . I am not a fan of love stories, what I think is a love story, doesn't qualify for Friday night date movies. For instance, True Romance , I think this is a love story and its one of my favorites. I think Let the Right One In is a love story and now it is one of my favorites. Its not just a favorite because of the "love" aspect, the entire thing rocked. Directors who make movies that aren't meant to break box offices, always seem to use the coolest, subtle, screen shots. They have a way to make every scene brilliant, even if it has no meaning. Also there is something about a horror film done in the winter and there is even more of something about a vampire movie filmed in the dead of winter. There is something about the lack of ambient "happy" sounds that we have in the winter. You can experience this in the country areas of Michigan in the winter. I am sure that this is even more true in places that experience dead winters. When movies are done like this, they produce more of a intament moment for me, when its just me, the character and that's it. There wasnt one thing wrong with this film. My only thing would be to try the Swedish version and use subtitles, dont do the dubbed version, the voice overs are really bad. I looked around on imdb forums about the movie and there was talk of an alternate ending, but I couldnt find one. I was also worried that the forums would be flooded with people complaining about the brief nude scene. I am happy to report that there was only one post, I am sick of people nit picking and thinking they all know what is best for us. It's art, thats all.

LTROI Deleted Scenes, please watch the movie first..

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Has anyone watched this yet, Its on NBC. The first episode was really really good. Its like a modern times biblical / medieval story. Very well done, the cast fits in awesome, the cinematography was good, nothing to complain about. I think its on Sundays, everyone should watch the first episode. It seems to be about two kings, one in what we would call the USA and the other in, again what we call, Canada, but it seems like the countries as we know it dont exist or never did.

Blu Ray

Not sure if this is nation wide, but the walmart here in loncoln had some awesome deals going on bluray. The now have movies for $10-15.00 regular price, not a sale. Movies like Terminator, ClockWork Orange, Black Hawk Down (which i got) and lots of other good movies. Its definatly worth checking out.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hot off the shit press

The Haunting of Molly Hartley

This was probably the worst "scary" movie I have seen in a long time. You should probably just ignore this one, but I almost say watch it just to see how not to make a movie. I don't even know if this can be classified as scary, there was one scary face in the middle, besides that it just had scary noises, I'm not lying. There wasn't one monster, ghost, demon or gore scene in it. Just a bunch of girls in skirts whom never take their tops off, come on who makes a movie without nudity, at least give us something. Its 88 minutes of pure shit, there isnt one thing scary about this, not even the dramatic and twisty end produces so much as a scare. The movie ends on a high noted teenage rock song, it didn't make any fucking sense.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Earning a little more respect.

I have been a Howard Stern fan/listnener for about 2 years now, I even subscribe to his Sirius show, which to me is one of the best shows around. One thing I have found over the years is I tend to like people more once they are on his show. For instance, Chevy Chase, I like most his movies, but that was about it, never new much about him. He had a personal beef with Howard for years and finally he came on the show last year to clear it up. The Chevy Chase that was on Stern reminded me of his National Lampoon character. He was super funny, crude and didn't give a shit what he said. He was telling a story about his abusive dad and how he would hide from him. Howard asked what he would do when his dad would come after him, Chevy responded that he would run up to him and start sucking his dick. Now I know in text this probably wasn't that funny, but hearing Chevy tell the story had me in tears, he just went on and on.

That brings me to today's guest, Russel Brand. I didn't like him in the MTV music awards and thought he was ok in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He was on Stern today talking about all his drug abuse and how he once jerked a guy off in the bathroom of a gay bar for a TV show. He was fucking hilarious on there and I started to give him a little respect.

I also thought Rosie O'Donnell was great on there and I was never a fan of hers. I think when people get on there they tend to loosen up and not worry about what others think. I will to this day stick by my words that Gilbert Gottfried is the funniest man alive when he is on that show. I know its a far leap, but he says some off the wall shit and a lot of the time Howard just lets him go on and on till he digs a hole he cant get out of. I don't know if any of these interviews are available online, maybe YouTube or torrents has them. If you don't have Sirius or ON Demand to watch the show, I highly suggest trying to get it elsewhere, especially those guests.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Movie time and some random thoughts

Righteous Kill (blu-ray)
I think this would have been good 15-20 years ago. I still think that the movie Heat has one of the best shoot out scenes in it and it also has and awesome cafe scene with Robert and Al talking out their differences. It felt like I was watching too really old actors do something they cant anymore and that is act physically tough. Put either one of these guys behind a desk in another great mobster movie and you have a winner, but put them on the street beating up 50 Cent and you've made a bad movie. Oh, quick note, props to 50 Cent, he can actually act. Its an ok cop movie, but that's it, they just cant be tough anymore. Al and Robert need to stop with the tough roles.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Ummmm, good for the kids

Babylon AD (blu-ray)

First off it felt like a bad take on Children of Men and I heard the director even thought it was shit, but I did fall in love. No, not with Vin, my man crushes are spread thin enough with Jason S, Mark W, David D and Kevin C, but with the star of the movie Melanie Thierry (click here for pics). I want to say that Vin does an excellent job of playing a shitty actor, much like Keanu and Forest Whitaker (sorry if your a Forest fan). I did learn a very scary something about this movie. That Vin turned down the lead role in Hitman, to play in this dump. Yes, can you belive that!!!!! I love the Hitman series of games and will forever stand behind them and how powerful a movie series they could make. I was VERY dissapointed in the pussy ass lead they picked for the movie, in fact Jason Statham plays that character in the Transporter, why the fuck didnt he get the spot. Now, to find out that Vin diesel turned down the lead role, that means he had the part. That means they were taking the character way off the fucking charts for that movie. If your not familar with the game, look up Agent 47, google it and you will see a thin, tall, pale, bald character, but the melting pot of race calledd Vin Diesel was chosen for the move!! Ok, back to the movie. I thought the story was cool, the effects were cool, the actor sucked, actress was hot and everything else was in between. Matter of fact I would rather watch every movie containing the Rock, before another Vin movie. I meant that with no disrespect to the Rock, I actualy like his movies and acting.

Wanted (blu-ray)

I started watching this a couple months ago and stopped, then it came in the mail so i figured I had to. The first 20 minutes was really hard, couldnt get into the sci-fi action. Plus, I dont like Angelina Jolie as a "tough" girl. She plays a hard ass about as good as Danny Glover plays a cop. Speaking of, I always say "Im getting to old for this shit" when someone says the name Danny Glover, its kind of like Pee Wees word of the day, but did you know that he was not the first one to coin the term? When I was in Seattle last I watched a movie called "To Live and Die in LA" , starring William Patterson. In the beginning he is at a retirement party for his partner, whom retires in a couple of days, played by Michael Greene. While outside talking about getting out of the secret service Jim Hart (played by Michael Greene) slews the forever over used words "Im getting to old for this shit". I almost pissed myself and becuase there was no tivo there, I had to relive the memory in my head. This was actualy a good movie and it had one of the most abrupt, wouldnt think it would happen, moments in movie history (See Below). So back to Wanted, didnt like it, to much shit, cant stand Jolie. I really liked Night Watch and Day Watch was pretty good, but I think the director lost out on Wanted.

*****Spoiler*****Dont read if you plan on watching To live or Die in LA******
Patterson is hunting down the men whom killed his partner right before his retirement. The entire movie he is chasing them, then about 15 minutes before the end, he runs into the bad guys house and some no name actor, jumps out a locker and blows his head off with a shotgun. Boom, just like that, the main character is gone and he didnt even get justice, fucking crazy. I didnt see it coming and I dont think Patterson did either, but it was awesome. At this point you would think, WTF, well the movie just picks up with someone else for about 15 minutes and he does his own thing, lol, I am not lying. FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost away

I wont get into details because I know some of you have not seen it. I have to say that this season of Lost, aside from the first couple, has to be one of the best.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

So I waited a long time for this to hit the shelf and here it is in its Blu-Ray goodness. I am not going to beat around the bush on this, I wasnt happy. I mean Bruce was awesome, but the movie was just lacking. I would had preferred watching Army of Darkness again. There are lots of extras on this that are pretty entertaining, so make sure to check them out. I am not saying to stay away, if your a fan then watch it, but dont expect the next Bubba Hotep.

Let me update this. Bruce was good in this movie, don't get me wrong. I especially liked the concept of the movie, it was great. I just think I was looking for a Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness and it fell short from that. I felt like i was watching a washed down version of what it could have been.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Holy shit, I did not see that coming. Crazy

Tell your thoughts

Friday, February 13, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman

I am sure you have all heard of it by know, but here it is.

Letterman held on and hilarious

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The boy in the stripped Pyjamas (de)

Dont read anything about his film, dont look at IMDB, dont ask anyone, just rent it. I read a quote that I think hit it on the head.

""Never before have I seen a theater sit through the entire credits, your emotions wont let you"

I read this after sitting through the credits myself.

The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A part of life

So I was sitting here in my hotel room doing something on the computer as I have been doing for a week now. The movie Monster was on tv, but I wasnt really paying attention to it, when all of a sudden I started to feel sad and depressed.  It took me a minute of looking around and trying to figure out what brought on this emotion and then it hit me, this song was playing.

A song that will forever be assoicated with an ending

"Made in America"

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Choke is about a guy who takes advantage of peoples kindness after they save him fom choking.  When I sat down to watch it I didnt expect a deep story line that kept me interested through the entire thing.  It does have Bijou Philips in it and she for some reason thinks its ok to do another role with no nudity.  This movie has its fair share of sex and there is no reason she couldnt get involved. I guess I will just have to watch Bully after this or that movie where she gets tagged team by the mexican gang.  Anyways, its a real interesting story, i mean it talks about someone being birthed from Jesus' foreskin, so definitly watch this one.

Donkey Punch

Yes I said "Donkey Punch".  It's a British movie, thriller, gore, suspense and yes its about a donkey punch.  I didnt think it would be possible to focus a movie around this event, but it was possible.  The plot comes together quickly in this short movie, thats when the death and mayhem begins, oh and a donkey punch.  Its an interesting film and to be honest the trailers made it worse than it was.


I finished the second season of Californication and it held up for every minute.  They introduced a new character this year, Lew Ashby, whom was a perfect fit.  I dont want to get into a lot of details, but the shows are only  30 minutes, so i suggest going out and getting it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


So here are a couple of my thoughts.

Dan said the bomb needed to be put in concrete. Remember a few seasons ago when Sayid was referring to all the concrete in Desmond's bunker? He said the last time he saw this much concrete it was covering up Chernobyl.

Locke and Richard talking about the compass. Remember when Richard came to visit locke's mother when he was a baby? He put out a bunch of items and locke picked out the compass.

Who's the new cute blond with the gun who seemed to know who Dan was?

How did the bomb and the military get there? Why did they leave it or can they not find the island anymore?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zombies Ahead

My sister had posted on this a couple of days ago, but it made foxnews today.

Foxnews Story

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lost Stuff

Well the 2 hour season opener happened last wednesday and it was just as lost as I expected. I dont really want to get into a break down, lets watch another episode first. Here is a cool promo picture, I will also put the link at the bottom. Kate looks hot as ever so does Sun, Dan on the far left, check out his left leg, crazy.

Full size link

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Movie Time

Ok, a brief overview of what I have seen.

Rest Stop 2: *Blu-Ray
As bad as Rest Stop one. The first one tried to trick you with, I am here, no I am a ghost, wait I am real, oh I am a ghost. They tried to keep the line between reality and delusion so close that it became ridiculous and stupid at times. In the second installment they kept it up, but this time did it ten more times, they also left a lot of holes. For instance one of our characters has to take a shit, so he lets the other car go on and stops off at a construction site to shit in a porta-potty. While in there he drops his magazine and reaches down to grab it, when a bloddy arm reaches in and grabs him. He shrieks, and then calmly grabs the magazine and goes on with his shit, forget what just happened. The rest of that scene was full of ridiculous things, proving how bad this film was going to be. They also pushed the reality line by having him meet a chic, covered in blood, give her first ad, make a picnic, clean the blood off her and then have sex, only to find out its not real. Watching the first one we can almost assume its not real, because we fell for it over and over in the original rest stop. Watch this is someone gives it to you and pays you $10.00.

Futurama - Benders Game *Blu-Ray 1080p
If you like the tv show then you will like the movie

Revolver *Blu-Ray 1080p
I have heard that Madonna's husband was a director and yet I had never heard of his work. I did see a preview for his new one Rock N Rolla, but it looked to Shoot Em Up. I saw this movie on Jason Statham's IMDB list and decided to give it a try, for Jason. The movie was more in the lines of Lock Stock and Snatch, rather than a kick ass film like Transporter or Crank. The cinematography was great, actually really great. The movie was almost a mind fuck, I have my opinon on what has happened, but I will post it later if someone else has seen it. The movie stars Jason Statham and the always stressed out, coke acting Ray Liota.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


What a cool fucking movie and here are ten reasons why

Cool Cars
Jason Statham
Awesome Visuals on 1080b blu ray
Jason Statham
Awesome Fights
Jason Statham
Jason Statham
Hot Girl
Jason Statham

It was just fun to watch, it was predictable, corny and out there, but just fun.
Crank fun
Transport fun
Death Race Fun !!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tacoma Dome

It's just weird that I heard ads for this all week when I was there and then to read that this happened.

A freak accident with the worst possible ending.

Foxnews Story

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Speaking of Mirrors.

I have an experiment!! If you have not seen Mirrors and really arent hyped on it, but are willing to try something, DO NOT READ!!!! Do this, go out, rent it and watch the last chapter, which should be the last 10 to fifteen minutes. Just make sure you are near the part where Keifer is taking the old lady in the sewer. Then come back and post what you think the movie is about. If no one will commit, then read on, but if you do comment and let me know your in the process.

It stars Keifer and a cast of many mirrors. I think whomever thought up this movie wanted something new and decided to see what happens when you trap the devil in mirrors. First off, If I get a job as night watchman for a store that had some freakish fire that only scorched things lightly inside but killed the shoppers, I probably wouldnt go in at night. Lets say that I had to, well if my first night included seeing dead people in mirrors and thinking I was on fire, I probably would quit. The movie had me 25% interested untill the end, when in a Lethal Weaponish final fight scene Keifer took on an 80 yr old nun with magic powers. I am not lying.

Only two thoughts

First I would like to talk about "Redbox". I started seeing them at grocery stores and outside of pharmacy's, but it wasn't till my last trip to Seattle that I tried one. To broke for a whore, I decided to try out its $1.00 movie rental. I went online, made an account and selected my movie, Mirrors. When I arrived at the redbox I inserted my credit card, it spit out my movie and immediately sent an email to my phone saying the transaction was complete. The next day I returned the movie and was informed by email that everything went successful. I have to say this was almost to convenient to see new movies while on the road.

Second, someone please explain the **Low battery light**. Low - Battery - Light
Your battery is low, so here is a high frequency, Red #22 light, to pierce the sky and burn retinas

Trivia Answer

The answer to the trivia question was:

Bringing out the dead

The scene was between nicolas cage and ving rhaimes

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Worst Case Scenario

A new trailer is out to Worst Case Scenario!!

Zombies on ballons, still has my attention

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Movie Trivia

Everyone play!!!

This scene involves 2 men

Man 1: Them voices talking to you again

Man 2: YES!!!!

Man 1: What they saying?

Man 2: They're saying kill Marcus, hahahaha!!!!!

Man 1: Man, that shit aint funny.


I watched what could probably be called a girls movie last night and it was surpisingly good. I primarily rented it for Miss Knightly and I must say she looks excellent fully clothed and wet. If you want a love story, mixed with war and a little kid you would strangle for being a bitch, then this is the movie.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Congrats go to...

I want to put a congratulations out to the following winners.

Mickey Rourke for best actor in The Wrestler

Collin Farrel for best actor in a Comedy - In Bruges ***excellent movie, I suggest everyone see it

Danny Boyle for all his work, but he finally gets credit for Slumdog Millionaire

Heath Ledger for being in the best movie ever and playing one of the creepiest roles in Batman. It was best to go down after this than that mountain lover movie.

Anna Paquin for showing her boobs in True blood

Wall-E for best animation


A quick rundown, very quick on a bunch of movies I have watched during my vacation and on my current trip.

Horton Hears a Who and Wall-E:
Both are really good, Wall-E by far the best, I love the way they showed humans in the future.

Narnia - PrinceCaspian
Not as good as the first one, but still really good. I hope they keep up the series, although according to the books the original kids are no longer in them. Well in the next one would be the youngest girl and her cousin and then from there its the cousin and a friend. Either way, I hope they keep it up, I would like to see it end properly on film.

Resident Evil - Degeneration *Blu-Ray looks really good
The next in the series this is the first of many computer animated full length movies. It kept up with the Resident evil feeling, even the very poor english translation was in it. It got a little slow near the end, but if your a fan of the games, then its worth a watch. If your more into the movies, then this may not mean as much to you.

Appleseed - Ex Machina **Blu-Ray looks really good
Just as good as the first, story and animation. Actually the animation was better do to the enhanced 1080p blu-ray. Its a strong addition to the series, if you like the first, you will love the second.

I am sure you have all seen this by now, but it was really funny. There was times when it was almost uncomfortable to watch. I would have expected the Will Farel train to slow down for me, but for some reason I keep thinking his movies are funny.

Dora, donde esta usted?

Early this morning I set off for Metro Airport to set sale for work again. My 4.5 hour flight was almost nice today for a couple of reasons. One being I purchased an exit row which in my mind is the poor mans first class, second I watched 5 episodes of Spaced on my new mini laptop, the Lenovo S10. Around 3:00 PST I landed in the beautiful state of Washington once again. Last time I came in a virgin settler to the new land, made my way to the awesome Larkspur Landing . This time I come as a lonely traveller only here to do my work. My Dora is no longer here, last time we explored the city untill the late night, we even jumped ships and explored the islands. We took our journey right up untill the last minute, exploring the Museum and cathing diner under the guitars of Jimmy Hendrix. I purchased my book The Third Policeman at the Barnes and Noble, gave Dora a hug and went on my way. On December 12th Dora left for home, the land of Sandy Squirell, Texas. Taking a breath and looking at what surrounds me, aside from the scenary, I have realized that Seattle / Bellevue is very expensive. Today at the local Albertsons I purchased a 2 liter of pepsi, that costs me 2.60$. A six pack of smart water runs $9.00 and my favorite welch's concord grape juice, set me back $5.00, double that of Michigan. I started this journey at the peak of the mountain and quickly slid my way to the bottom, now I will sit amongst the normals, that is untill I can be somoene's Dora.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I met OZMAN84 tonight, well not formally, but we did cross paths for a few miles on M24 today. I am going to make some assumptions about OZ, one being that "OZ Man" is a cool name that his pole barn drinking friends gave to him. The other being that 84 probably represents 1984, the year that he was born. This falls together a little more when we talk about the vehicle, a ~2000 Dodge Dakota sport, short box, non-extended black on black truck. Oh yes and Oz is sporting a faded confederate flag, probably put on the back window the same week he got his first truck. I have seen these before, its not like they are a secret, but this one really made me think. What would be a reason in 2009 to wave one of these flags? Lets say your family is a few generations deep from a confederate soldier and you live in the deep south, then maybe you can still feel strongly about your family beliefs. On the other hand if you feel this strongly would you move to a northern state? So I don't really know where i am going with this, but i don't understand why people whom probably don't even know what the flag stood for, go off and wave it with pride. I wonder if Oz wont drink from the same water fountain or wont go into a convenience store if "one of them" is working. Well again I am just going on and on, but I really would like to talk to OZMAN84 in person and ask him these questions personally.


I wanted to talk once more about the newest edition to Batman. I wont go into details because I am sure everyone that's thought about seeing it has seen it by now. I originally saw it at the Henry Ford Museum which is 8 x 6 stories of IMAX theater. I have to say it help up just as good at 1080p on 50", there was one thing i did notice the second time around, the musical score. The music was perfect and had that edgy feeling, something i probably felt the first time around, but didn't really notice. If your watching it for the second, third or fourth time, take a hard listen to the music, it held the movie together perfectly.