Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Haunting on Hamilton Street - Saginaw

So tonight was the premiere of "A Haunting on Hamilton Street" at the Temple Theatre in Saginaw. It was put on by a guy named Prozak, who apparently is some rapper from Saginaw and also has a ghost hunting team "Seekers". Eight of us went to the show tonight, we got there around 8:00, movie time was at 9:00. The line outside was crazy, luckily we had pre-ordered our tickets and were let right in for will call. By the time we got into the theater, around 8:15, it was probably 60% capacity and filled up in no time, I can't believe that everyone outside had gotten in. Our seats were pretty good, about 6 rows from the front on the left side of the theater. It was my first time there, beautiful inside, seats kind of sucked though. There was an old organ next to the stage that lifted off the ground and a guy played creepy music before the show. The crowd was a mix, not a lot of kids, more people around my age (31) and a lot of older people, I would say over 50. When the lights finally went down some radio DJ brought up the group, it was Prozak, Bryan from Ghost Hunters and a preacher from Paranormal State. They talked briefly about how tonights film was based on the Shuch Hotel and all their findings, lifted the curtains and started the adventure.

The first 30 minutes was a mixture of Saginaw History and Ghost Hunting 101, this was annoying. If I am paying 13$ to go see a documentary on ghost hunting then I probably have some concept of the idea. The history on Saginaw was great, I was intrigued to know more, I would have rather had 30 minutes of history. For instance I was not aware that Saginaw had such lawlessness that it was rougher than the west, murder after murder. Instead of more vital history on Saginaw, I learned what an EMF detector was, for the 100000th time. This makes the movie about 50 minutes of ghost shit and30 minutes of redundant information. Bryan from GH did have a lot of face time during this, discussing hunting and his experiences. During this he seemed to knock Jason and Grant, even Zac and his crew for GA. He took cheap shots at them, but also still lives off his old apperances, recapping them and even wearing a "Run Dude!!!" tshirt. My opinion, hes still a deusch in person.

Once we get into the "hunting", the team consisted of Prozak and his guys from "Seekers". It was basically 15 minutes of a bunch of people have personal experiences, touched, slapped, pulled, hot, cold, heres and orb, theres and orb, everywhere are orbs. This 15 minutes was boring, seemed like a crappy Discovery channel ghost hunt. Thankfully this quickly ended and they had Bryan flown in to help investigate, things started to get good. One of my favorite things was the lack of EVP's and in place of that was disembodied voices, really good creepy ones. They heard the bangs and thumps and lots more voices. The time with Bryan on the screen was enjoyable and very active, he almost didn't annoy me.

The remaining 20-30 minutes of the show was just a barrage of events they documented, including bringing the Preacher out from Paranormal State. The voices were great, growling, heavy breathing and some really good footage. There were a couple of scenes where you could see what was going on behind them and they had no idea, that made my hairs stand up.

All in all in was some great footage, for about 30 - 45 minutes. There was no Q & A at the end which was disappointing. You could talk to them in lobby, but the crowd was crazy. I will go see the others when they come out and probably get a hold of the DVD's so Damian and I can watch them.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I am pretty excited about this, trailers look great. Its a new end of the world italian zombie movie produced by Uwe Boll and his gold teeth fund.

Also Damian and I finished Dawn of the Dead this weekend, he loved it. Not sure if he will be able to do Day of the Dead yet. I did line up Lost Boys and Fright Night for him to watch next weekend. Don't forget the premier of Walking Dead Halloween night.

Off to watch the "Altitude"

Monday, October 18, 2010

Must be movie night

Human Centipede: First Sequence

This was really good and disturbing at the same time. There version I had seemed to be filmed in English, it wasn't dubbed over. There was about a 15 minute scene in near the end that was all in German and offered no subtitles. My knowledge of German is very limited, although I think I could get around with it. Regardless I didn't feel lost during that time, it was easy to understand what was going on. The movie is about some modern day Dr. Mengele that, after a unsuccessful trial on dogs, decides to try his experiment on humans. His experiment is called the Human Centipede and it is taking three humans and connecting them. How you may ask, well the lead person has their asshole connected to the middle persons mouth and that persons asshole is connected to the last persons mouth. Yeap, no lie, this is a movie. My biggest complaint is the lack of time spent on the experiment itself, but I am hoping thats were a sequel comes in.

Don't worry I didn't ruin anything, there are no secrets in this plot, its just very disturbing and uncomfortable to watch.

I also sat down and watched the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. Not a lot to say about this, just like all the other ones. The one thing I did like is how Freddie's voice was always way louder and deeper than anything else on screen.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zombie Movies

Well I finally talked Damian into watching some other scary movies. So far the closest thing to scary that he has put down is Zombieland and all the Jaws movies. Last weekend the kids and I sat down to Night of the Living Dead (1968).

Hailie did the best at first, she didn't cover her eyes like Damian was. She sat all alone at her Dora table watching until the part when Barbara was sitting down in the kitchen and the zombie was walking up behind her. She then came over to sit with me and asked why the girl doesn't use the knife and kill the Zombie. She yelled at the screen a couple of times, trying to get direction and then passed out on the couch.

Damian would go from covering his eyes to watching for about the first half of the movie, he finally finished it and realized it wasn't so bad.

This weekend we started the original Dawn of the Dead, so far so good. We are about half way through it and he only covered up in the beginning at the apartment complex.

Well gotta go, will report later after I finish Human Centipede: The first Sequence