Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Mountain

Well I was thinking about breaking this down into numerous post, but lets just make it one large ass blog. Of course all these photos will be uploaded when i get back.

During the descent into Seattle I notice one of the coolest sights I have seen in a long time mountains, and the Mt. Rainier, the stratovolcano. I knew at some point in this trip I needed to see it, a better view at least. On the trip to the hotel, through the winding roads I saw bits and pieces of the monster coming through the trees, but never a good view.

I arrived at the Larkspur Landing suites about 3:30, ordered some food, talk to Damian and decided to set out around 4:30 to find my mountain amongst mountains.

I thought that my best bet would be to go up, up and up, until I could find a break and finally get a good picture of it. I did make it up some hills and did see city from a distance, then crossed Lake Washington, went downtown and back out again. It was a fun hour and a half in the car, but still no volcano.

As I was about to give up and well start to pay attention to the bitching GPS, I had a glimpse of hope and it came with a road sign.

I again became quickly frustrated to find myself in the same position, only glimpses. I traveled for another hour looking through tree lines, over houses and through people. I did find that what seemed to be prime mountain property was in fact the run down , bad part of town. Me, some Vietnamese and the local Spanish gang all roamed the streets, some selling themselves and some looking for a view.

Finally as the sun began to fall, I saw salvation. It came from a small apartment complex, not the nicest place in the world, i actually didn't fell comfortable getting out of the car, but I had to. There it was, in its greatness, sitting front in center before a picnic table and a stationary grill. So why is it this little rundown community has the best view of Rainier?

I have a lot more pictures, but right now I am going to sit down with a local best, Henry Weinhard's Blue Boar Ale and watch the new season opener of Dexter.

Welcome to Seattle

Just landed and at hotel, pictures to come.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The British are IT

Seems as though, lately I have been giving my time to BBC. I religiously watch Top Gear, which is probably one of the best, funny, infromative luxory car shows out. I also enjoy Hell's Kitchen, their documentaries and a new show called Skins.

Lets step back a few years and let me admit to my following of Dawson's Creek. Some reason I fell for this show and stood by every wednesday to watch Pacey break up with Joey and Joey give Dawson the blue balls.

Now back to Skins, which is the British version of Dawsons Creek, but with
sex, drugs, drinking, nudity and swearing. I dont know if it's my attempt at

being a teenager again, but this show was really good. I would suggest it to everyone, the first season is only 10 episodes and very easy to watch. It is currently playing on BBC America, but I would download it to keep from seeing the edited version. BBC plays lots of stuff that would be censored here, but they do block out fuck, cunt and frontal nudity.

Lastly I would like to make a category for most inventive/creative/startling end to a show. I would like to put Skins in my top 3 for, to me, the most off the wall and inventive way to end a season. Mind you I have not finished Sopranos yet, so it may be there too and somehow I have managed not to hear the ending. So watch skins for its British humor, drug usage, nudity and Top 3 TV Shows ending of all times, according to myself.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Google Talk

I know some of you use it, but there are some that dont. I suggest you do, it would make things a lot easier for me. Its built into your gmail, you can download the program or even get it on your phone. So go do it now, life would be easier.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Blockbuster Reviews

See someone finds my movie talking usefull, we atleast 3 out of 20 million do

James N.

You have to give this movie a chance and whatever you do, don't base your rental decision on his past movies. Uwe actually got me to sit through an entire film here. This movie crosses every line and doesn't hold back, but its not sloppy, thrown together comedy. Come at this with an open mind, dark sense of humor and the ability to laugh at stupid sh$%t. The acting flowed together, the plot held up and of course there is senseless violence. If your looking for a "scary movie" or "not another teen movie", this isn't it, but be prepared for whats inside.

The Camera

Well the new camera was out in full force this weekend, taking pictures of Pumpklin Patch 2008. Again all the photos on the website are downsized to fit, so if you want a hi-res one just let me know. My only complaint so far for the camera is it not coming with a string for the lense cap and its too easy to take a shit load of pictures.

There is one in there that Damian calls his cool look, hes on a hill with his sister, I am sure you will notice it.

It looks like a scratch on the display in this photo, but its not, its brand new

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Set fer smashin!!!!!! Woohooo

Next week particles get it on as the doomsday machine heads towards collision.


New on the shelf this Christmas, WonkaVision

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last movie watched

I highly suggest King of Kongs: Fisftful of Quarters, the image to the right has a link. This is documentary is really good, even a little better than Darkon.

The end of movies

I have been trying to finish the Sapranos over the last few weeks and it's not that I cant, it's that I dont want to. I started this a couple of years ago, got to the end of season four and stopped, I didnt want it to end. After restarting the series and now making it midway through season five, I started to wonder what could be next. Take the Godfather, one of the greates movies out there. Three movies, apporximatly 360 minutes of movie and it set the bar for Mafia movies, but it was reachable. Goodfellas, Bronx Tale, Casino and a few others are also great Mafia movies and did it within 2 hours each, but the Sapranos, holy shit!! Six seasons, 86 episodes over 5760 minutes of mafia tv, could there ever be another mafia show. I am sure someone may try another movie, but if your a true fan of the genre, you have to set and glue the bar in with Sapranos. This can also work with WW2 movies, so many good ones out there, I cant even name them all. But, can true fans ever look for anything better than Band of Brothers? This can work with lots of things, like to me, their can never be another X-Files, Ghost Hunters or Lost. I think 20 years down the road when someone puts out a mafia movie and everyone loves it, someone needs to say "no, that sucked, watch the Godfather and Sapranos" and they will change their minds.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

End of the World

ALICE goes online Wednesday, I cannot explain in detail what it is, but the two links below will. Basically they have finished the 17 mile long circular track underground that will move a particle at 99.9999% of the speed of light, the closest we have ever gotten. Not only are we going to do this, but they decided to move a particle clockwise and another counterclockwise, this is an attempt to creat black matter or tiny black holes. I guess this is supposed to allow us to see how things started 1 billionth of a second after the big bang. According to foxnews there have been death threats to the scientist, trying to get this not to happen.


check out the video in the middle right


Friday, September 5, 2008

Auf wiedersehen mittler westen, auf wiedersehen

I am scheduled and confirmed for Bellevue, Washington the last week in September. It looks like I am finally getting out of the Midwest, this will also be the farthest west I have ever traveled. Looks like I need to find a new zombie book.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tropic Thunder

Whent and saw Tropic Thunder with some co-workers tonight and I think..... Ok I am not and still am not a Ben Stiller fan, I just dont like his comedy. I think he wrote a great movie, but I just get fristrated seeing him on the screen to much. Tropic Thunder was awesome and very funny. Something that got me was they were really graphic in the beginning, but as the movie progressed, there were spots there could be gore, but nothing happened. Jack Black stole the show for me, he was funny and Downy Jr was a strong second. I honestly felt like Tom Cruise's character was better than Ben Stiller. There were some previews in the beginning that were great, the one with Downy and Tobey Mcquire was the best. Its a must see, expecialy for Jack Blacks character.