Monday, September 22, 2008

The Camera

Well the new camera was out in full force this weekend, taking pictures of Pumpklin Patch 2008. Again all the photos on the website are downsized to fit, so if you want a hi-res one just let me know. My only complaint so far for the camera is it not coming with a string for the lense cap and its too easy to take a shit load of pictures.

There is one in there that Damian calls his cool look, hes on a hill with his sister, I am sure you will notice it.

It looks like a scratch on the display in this photo, but its not, its brand new


Big O said...

Wish i had a camera like that.....

harleygirl13 said...

Nice camera!!!! I expect to see all kinds of great pictures from your travels. I love all the ones of the kids.I will let you know what I need copies of.

Mother Firefly said...

Pictures are awesome! See, told you that you would love it. P. Cash was asking how you were liking it.
I will be emailing you with requests for hi-res photos.

LOVE the cool look. Best. Cool. Look. Ever.

OH, BTW? Pic # 68? that is YOU, dude. I remember that look from when you were his age.