Friday, February 13, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman

I am sure you have all heard of it by know, but here it is.

Letterman held on and hilarious


Otis said...

man...that was crazy. Letterman made the most of it. that dude is on some great drugs

Mother Firefly said...

I have been obsessing/following this story since Joaquin said he was 'retiring'. Either he is ready to crash and burn from a serious drug problem, or he is pulling a joke on all of us. There are rumors that he is being followed by friends with video cameras and that he is in the middle of attempting some kind of Andy Kaufman type hoax.

I was never a fan of Kaufman (I am old enough to remember watching him wrestle women on TV, and I was young enough to think it was real) but I have always been a fan of Joaquin. Even in uneven films like 'The Village', he could break your heart.

I hope it is is a hoax and we see him act again. Adding to the mystery is this information that EW posted online- that this is not the first time Joaquin has acted fucked up on Letterman.

and other hi-jinks:

I'll continue to obsess until we get some answers.....

harleygirl13 said...

This was sooooo funny. I love Letterman. I watch him everynight.