Saturday, February 7, 2009


Choke is about a guy who takes advantage of peoples kindness after they save him fom choking.  When I sat down to watch it I didnt expect a deep story line that kept me interested through the entire thing.  It does have Bijou Philips in it and she for some reason thinks its ok to do another role with no nudity.  This movie has its fair share of sex and there is no reason she couldnt get involved. I guess I will just have to watch Bully after this or that movie where she gets tagged team by the mexican gang.  Anyways, its a real interesting story, i mean it talks about someone being birthed from Jesus' foreskin, so definitly watch this one.


harleygirl13 said...

not sure where you find these movies but I always write them down to see if I can find them.

Mother Firefly said...

..I wanted to see that here and we missed it......have been looking forward to this one a lot