Friday, August 21, 2009

Twizzlers are?

No matter how much you chew them they never dissolve, the pieces just keep getting smaller. Has anyone really looked into if these are to be consumed?


Mother Firefly said...

I googled this and it got me nowhere. When I was a kid we used to buy those wax filled miniature bottles filled with 'juice', of course you could chew on that crap all day and it wasn't going anywhere. I guess that people aren't above marketing things to eat that aren't actually food, so why not twizzlers?

willard said...

Here is some food for thought, no pun intended. If you add corn starch, water, veggie oil and heat, you get a simple form of bio plastic. But if you add sweetener, flavoring, and preservatives to the previous ingredients, you get twizzlers. But they taste alot better. Mr. Wizard out.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

I remember the bottle's filled with "juice", same as the wax lips, who the fuck eats that shit.

Twizzlers may be an off product of Ronco's "Space age Polymers", Mr Wizard. I am going to microwave a twizzler at lunch, I will post pics following experiment. If no one hears from me, send Paramedics to:

Southfield, Mi

Mother Firefly said...

LOL I want pictures....of blown up twizzlers, injuries, whatever transpires