Saturday, January 8, 2011

Catfish and Never Let Me Go

I can not say much about Catfish except to watch it. It is being sold as a documentary and the film makers stand by their word that it is a true documentary. There is a couple of online stories and a 20/20 interview, don't watch any of them. I don't think I have been so anxious and nervous about a movie in a long time.

Never let me go was love story set in an odd Europe where orphan kids are raised to be donors and they donate organs until they perish. It wasn't a bad movie, but not super great. It is one of those you just put in to watch if you happen to find it on TV or on the door step.


Mother Firefly said...

I have heard about Catfish and I've been looking forward to it - I also heard that it's a better film if you know less and you can hear the whole story in the documentary.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

very true, knowing a little bit would ruin it. the 20/20 piece is online and great to watch after you see it. they stick by it being an actual documentary