Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bruce Lee, the master

Here we are on night 3, Monday being Twin Peaks, tuesday was downtown Seattle and the underground Italian restaurant. It was cool, only about 10 table and the chef would walk around and talk to people, reminded me of Artie from Sopranos. We also went to an old crazy hospital that is now the Amazon World Headquarters, pretty cool, it supposed to be haunted. Today we set out to Lakeview Cemetery, home of Nordstrom, a few Generals and Bruce and Brandon Lee.

There are a lot more pictures and they will all get put up when i get home


harleygirl13 said...

How cool is that! Glad your are seeing the town with someone. It's always fun to have someone to hang with. I love cemeteries .I didn't know Bruce Lee was there.Wonder why he picked Seattle???Must be a cool town even dead!

Mother Firefly said...

Loves it! You need to think about making a guide book to this certainly are finding the cool things off the beaten path.