Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's all over.....

If you have never seen the last Sopranos episode then you may not want to read this!!!!!!!!!

As I said before my last DVD in the Sopranos series came a couple of days ago. I tried this weekend to put it off and not watch it, but I couldn't. I held the secret to life in a little blue envelop, there was no way I could put this off anymore.

I became part of the family late in the game, around season 4 to be exact. I don't think that should take away the fact that I am a super fan and that this is the best show ever. I loved Tony, the family and all the goons that followed him. I was there with him on the Stugots when big pussy got it and I held my breath when Pauly went for his possible ill fated boat ride. I watched the kids grow up, the marriage go up and down, Tony screw up over and over. I was mad, not angry, and saddened when Tony helped Christopher die. He loved that man, he also loved Adrian, but he put his love for the family first. I don't think Tony saw that deep. Bobby getting it at the hobby shop was hard, I dont think he ever carried a gun, he didnt use one untill a few shows ago. Poor Sil,
Consigliary to the family, he went down with a fight, never gave up. I was there, in that restaraunt that night, nervous like everyone else. "Jesus Meadow, park the fucking car." I knew this was it, there would be no more and in the back of my head, the talks of this "ending". We sat there, for once seeing life with (through) Tony and then, in no measurable time, we saw it end. I could feel it in my stomach minutes before, its Michael Corleone all over again. Young Michael, never wanted to be involved, but took on one major task that pushed him to the top. I dont see myself as a movie expert, but I knew what had happened and I thought it was brilliant. There was no second guessing, no looking in horror, no seeing the wake it leaves, just nothing. Thats life, exactly how it will be, nothing no more. We dont get to see people cry, or try to avenge our deaths, we dont even get a final song. It couldnt have been done better, I sit here with a hole in my heart, a blank feeling, because just as in reality, there are no answers.

There is nothing I could ever do to bring back Tony.

This is a great article and explains the end to detail, I am sure everyone who has seen it understands it, but this is a good read if your interested or especiacly if you didnt understand the end.



Mother Firefly said...

WOW. That is probably the BEST summation of that last episode I have ever read.
I too watched the Sopranos on DVD because Papa Cash and I are CHEAP ASSES and don't suscribe to pay channels. Besides, with a great series, I'd just rather sit and watch it all back to back.
Anyway....the one downside to this it that when the actual show was airing -especially the last few episodes- EVERYONE was talking about it and I took great pains to avoid web pages, or change the channel if it came up, or to just cover my ears and say 'La la la not listening' so I didn't know what was coming. I did pretty good- but when the final episode came, I went back and did search after search reading all kinds of critical takes on that final scene. Nothing I read until your blog today really tied everything together and finally satisfied me that this was the perfect ending for the perfect show.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

R.I.P. Tony Soprano

harleygirl13 said...

I was a Sopranos fan and agree there has not been a better show. I was so hooked I couldn't wait for the next weeks episode. When Adrian was killed I was so upset even thoughI knew it was going to happen somehow and someday.The ending was the best. There was never an ending I liked more.I was still left wondering how they were and what had happened. I had my own ending in my head but was never sure it was THE ending. We even went out and bought the entire series to watch again. To relive all the ones I saw and if I had missed anything. It is hard to see it all sometimes in 1 hour.As was said before me I have never heard such a good summation of the Sopranos and the final episode. Thank-you for putting it all together and so well. There will never be a show to top this one EVER..