Monday, October 20, 2008

Lying Fuckers

Has anyone else purchased or have in their possession a copy of The Happening that stats boldly on the cover that has "OVER 1 HOUR" of footage not in the theater? If they are talking about all the making of shit then possibly they do, but there is maybe 10 minutes of different scenes. Also don't show all the shocking shit in the previews on broadcast TV, that kind of takes the "shock" out of the movie. I respected Mr shalamanonodingo for his movie in the theater, but after endorsing this piece of shit DVD he can burn in DVD hell.

Yes I am pissed, I want my money back.

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Mother Firefly said...

Dang. Well, that sucks. I know you must be pissed because I had a couple of problems with this film and you defended it.Overall I thought it was scary but I think your friend needs to work on a little bit of plot plausibility. I can suspend reality with the best of them but sometimes I think things are scarier when there's no explanation. I don't need to know EVERYTHING all the time.
Still sucks that they lied about bonus footage though.