Thursday, September 9, 2010

A movie quickie

Dexter season 4 was awesome!!! I was so pissed at Dexter for getting close to the Trinity Killer. I knew it was going to end bad, but I honestly thought it was all over when he got home, I had no clue Rita would be murdered.

Uwe Bolle does another decent movie and one shitty one. Rampage is about a local man, early 20's, whose sick of life and wants to change it. So he builds a realistic suite of armor, orders some guns and just starts killing people in his town. It was well directed and the violence wasn't over the top, but still realistic. It is on Netflix watch it now, that makes it a good watch if your looking to blow about an hour and a half. During the previews on Rampage there is one for Uwe's new movie, Seed. The preview looked really good, gritty and graphic. But, we have to remember whose it is and he can't seem to do two things right in a row. Now I respect Uwe's movies, I still think Postal is one of the best and Rampage, although not funny, was still very well done. Seed on the other hand was, well slow and boring. The first hour is spent in a police office watching videos of the killers work, he recorded everything he did. It was somewhat gory and disturbing, but nothing major. Then the killer gets executed, 3 times, doesnt die, so the sheriff says lets bury him alive. If three botched executions don't do it, then you can be sure your gonna dig yourself out of a shallow grave. After this dramatic revival, Seed, goes on to kill all the cops he doesnt like. The only entertaining scene in this movie was when he captured one of the cops wife, tied her to a chair and started to play. He walked around her and lightly taped her in the head with a hammer. It wasn't enough to cause major damage, just hurt bad. This segment last 10 minutes and finished with him going ape shit and beating her head down to the shoulders. This movie is also on the watch it now, if you want watch the one scene. The rest is visually dark as in lighting and lacks depth.

I downloaded Titanic II just to say I did, I cant bring myself to watch it, so I gave it to a friend. Apparently they rebuild the Titanic, go on a voyage and it sinks. Odd thing is the lack of scientific and mathematical thought that went into its sinking. See a iceberg breaks in the Atlantic, causing a tsunami that is traveling at 800 mph!!!, yes 800 mph!!!. This tsunami hits an iceberg that in turn rams the Titanic II. The iceberg that was hit by the wave was huge. I dont know its mass, but we do know the velocity is 800 mph. Doing the math I don't see a hole in the side of a ship as being the result. Regardless it starts to sink and then another iceberg falls and sends another tsunami that capsizes the ship. Oh yeah and the government sends battle ships to the atlantic to save the human bobers. Not that I run the world, but shouldnt they be preparing for armageddon sized waves to hit the coast?

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