Saturday, September 18, 2010

A late night quickie!

Today Damian and I caught up on Ghost Hunters and the great Destination Truth, tomorrow we will watch the new three part first episode of Ghost Adventures. After the kids tucked themselves into bed, it was daddy's turn for some entertainment. I have been engrossed in series lately. I am watching the seventh season of Entourage, re-watching Skins and about to start this last season of Rescue Me. Not to mention all the great shows are about to start, well some have as mentioned above. With all the overwhelming 30 and 60 minute shows I decided to sit down to one I have looked forward to for some time, "Frozen". Frozen is about 3 friends who head out for a Sunday of skiing. After begging their way onto the last run they head up in the lift as night begins to fall. After some confusion below and shift changes, they think the last three runners have come down. Well, in fact they did, but it wasn't the last three who went up. The movie takes place over the span of roughly 24 hours and is along the same lines as "Open Water". Personally I did not like Open Water, I was bored with it so much that they didn't fool me into liking Open Water 2. I do have to say I liked the story of Deep Water 2 better. Frozen is actually a really good film and at times I found myself cringing. I watched this on my laptop with headphones and I have to admit once or twice I pulled the ears up because I did not want to hear what was going to happen. The movie, like many others, had its flaws. My biggest one was, CANT SAY SPOILER", I think you will catch it when you watch it.

So watch "Frozen", its a nice little film about pushing the elements of nature with the human body and its a nice change from gross out movies like Saw.

One more movie I watched is "9th Company". Its based on the true story of the Russian Infantry Unit 9th Company during the Afghan conflict. Short story, when Russia withdrew they forget the 9th Company on a mountain top and they were run through and slaughtered. The movie was very well done visually, hardly any computer enhancement. This shouldn't come as a surprise seeing how anyone can rent the Russian military to play war games with, true story. One suggestion would be to watch it with subtitles. The english audio dub made it feel like bollywoods version of Superman dubbed by Asians.

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Mother Firefly said...

I added Frozen to my list.

I'm so behind on Ghosthunters and everything else!!!