Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Haunting on Hamilton Street - Saginaw

So tonight was the premiere of "A Haunting on Hamilton Street" at the Temple Theatre in Saginaw. It was put on by a guy named Prozak, who apparently is some rapper from Saginaw and also has a ghost hunting team "Seekers". Eight of us went to the show tonight, we got there around 8:00, movie time was at 9:00. The line outside was crazy, luckily we had pre-ordered our tickets and were let right in for will call. By the time we got into the theater, around 8:15, it was probably 60% capacity and filled up in no time, I can't believe that everyone outside had gotten in. Our seats were pretty good, about 6 rows from the front on the left side of the theater. It was my first time there, beautiful inside, seats kind of sucked though. There was an old organ next to the stage that lifted off the ground and a guy played creepy music before the show. The crowd was a mix, not a lot of kids, more people around my age (31) and a lot of older people, I would say over 50. When the lights finally went down some radio DJ brought up the group, it was Prozak, Bryan from Ghost Hunters and a preacher from Paranormal State. They talked briefly about how tonights film was based on the Shuch Hotel and all their findings, lifted the curtains and started the adventure.

The first 30 minutes was a mixture of Saginaw History and Ghost Hunting 101, this was annoying. If I am paying 13$ to go see a documentary on ghost hunting then I probably have some concept of the idea. The history on Saginaw was great, I was intrigued to know more, I would have rather had 30 minutes of history. For instance I was not aware that Saginaw had such lawlessness that it was rougher than the west, murder after murder. Instead of more vital history on Saginaw, I learned what an EMF detector was, for the 100000th time. This makes the movie about 50 minutes of ghost shit and30 minutes of redundant information. Bryan from GH did have a lot of face time during this, discussing hunting and his experiences. During this he seemed to knock Jason and Grant, even Zac and his crew for GA. He took cheap shots at them, but also still lives off his old apperances, recapping them and even wearing a "Run Dude!!!" tshirt. My opinion, hes still a deusch in person.

Once we get into the "hunting", the team consisted of Prozak and his guys from "Seekers". It was basically 15 minutes of a bunch of people have personal experiences, touched, slapped, pulled, hot, cold, heres and orb, theres and orb, everywhere are orbs. This 15 minutes was boring, seemed like a crappy Discovery channel ghost hunt. Thankfully this quickly ended and they had Bryan flown in to help investigate, things started to get good. One of my favorite things was the lack of EVP's and in place of that was disembodied voices, really good creepy ones. They heard the bangs and thumps and lots more voices. The time with Bryan on the screen was enjoyable and very active, he almost didn't annoy me.

The remaining 20-30 minutes of the show was just a barrage of events they documented, including bringing the Preacher out from Paranormal State. The voices were great, growling, heavy breathing and some really good footage. There were a couple of scenes where you could see what was going on behind them and they had no idea, that made my hairs stand up.

All in all in was some great footage, for about 30 - 45 minutes. There was no Q & A at the end which was disappointing. You could talk to them in lobby, but the crowd was crazy. I will go see the others when they come out and probably get a hold of the DVD's so Damian and I can watch them.


Mother Firefly said...

I really meant to comment on this. I'm all kinds of excited to see it - especially that it's a city I used to live in - wish I could have been to that premiere. I'm glad you got to go. I think it's great that the theater was filled up. Do they have a website or info on when the DVDs will be available?
How about the GA guys in New Castle? I thought that was a great show.

Anonymous said...

my husband and I went to see this "documentary" and were extremely disappointed. In fact my husband tried to write a review on youtube and although he never swore in his review, it was promptly erased and now my husband is banned from entering any reviews. As stated in your story, there were supposed events and experiences. We felt that the team didn't do enough or anything to disprove the events. And why was there one of the few cameras set up pointed at the stairs (where Prozac was chased)and no one had talked about the stairs being a hot spot. Also, if the blue dress kept mysteriously being moved by some paranormal presence - why not fix a camera on it?? The sink was overflowing and no one was on that floor, so your saying that the owners of the hotel leave the water on all the floors risking it freezing and busting pipes? I don't think so. They should have brought in a plumber to check the pipes/gaskets etc. Orbs smorbs, it's an old building with little activity and some areas were being renovated - of course there would be dust floating around. As far as Prozac saying that it must be intelligent because of it's erratic flight path - hmmm says bug to me... I absolutely believe that there could be activity, we live in Saginaw and love the old town Hamilton Street district with it's architecture details and lumberman history.

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