Monday, October 18, 2010

Must be movie night

Human Centipede: First Sequence

This was really good and disturbing at the same time. There version I had seemed to be filmed in English, it wasn't dubbed over. There was about a 15 minute scene in near the end that was all in German and offered no subtitles. My knowledge of German is very limited, although I think I could get around with it. Regardless I didn't feel lost during that time, it was easy to understand what was going on. The movie is about some modern day Dr. Mengele that, after a unsuccessful trial on dogs, decides to try his experiment on humans. His experiment is called the Human Centipede and it is taking three humans and connecting them. How you may ask, well the lead person has their asshole connected to the middle persons mouth and that persons asshole is connected to the last persons mouth. Yeap, no lie, this is a movie. My biggest complaint is the lack of time spent on the experiment itself, but I am hoping thats were a sequel comes in.

Don't worry I didn't ruin anything, there are no secrets in this plot, its just very disturbing and uncomfortable to watch.

I also sat down and watched the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. Not a lot to say about this, just like all the other ones. The one thing I did like is how Freddie's voice was always way louder and deeper than anything else on screen.

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Mother Firefly said...

i remember thinking when i read about this, I guess we've reached the end of the torture movie theme when all we have left to do is connect heads to's both an idea that wants to make me laugh and also throw my hands up at the same time and completely give up on modern horror......more so than the 'how' of it, I wonder 'why'. Although with a movie like Martyrs, I'd have to wonder (before I saw it) how a film that focuses on the torture of women can have any place in my movie library, but it does. I still have a hard time articulating as to why that movie has worth (to me) over something like Hostel II (I liked the first one but I've never had any inclination to go back and watch the second)....I'm rambling here but based on your recommendation, someday when I get the nerve up, I'll probably try to watch this one....just because on some level I feel I have to see it with my own two eyes.