Monday, April 27, 2009


Well its been a while, if anyone cares. I just wanted to mention a couple of shows.

Kings -
Looks like its getting the boot, it went to Saturdays.

Southland -
This was the other new show NBC started, but the director of ER, its on Thursdays at 10:00. I really like this, excellent cop show. Plus it had an episode with Tom Sizemore, he played a strung out actor, what better role is there.

Dexter - Season 3
Watched this in Lincoln, fucking awesome, Dexter continues to sit on top.
There is suppose to be a new season in 09, Cant wait for Californication to come back on either.

Rescue Me -
Still cant say enough about this show, but best to start from the beginning

Last episode, not the special episode the one before, was brilliant. We learned a lot and of course they threw a fucking wrench in at the end. If you havent been reading Dispatches from the Island, I highly suggest it. This post makes me laugh everytime, Soft Rock.

Jorge Garcia


Mother Firefly said...

Well, I care. I'm relying on you to entertain me when I can't blog!

Working on finishing some things up tonight, though. Should be back at this weekend and also catching up on GH.

I'll be posting something on what I've been watching too. FINALLY saw Season 1 of Californication. Me and the Papa C thought it was awesome, season 2 needs to come out on DVD stat!

Cant wait for Dexter season 3 either.

I didn't know there was any kind of Lost ep last week. I finally saw the 'Hoth' one last weekend. Hurley rewrites Empire!!! Classic. And just how many times have I called the similarities between this show and Star Wars? Yeah, you can call me a broken record now.

Soft Rock Rules!

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Californication surprised the hell out of me, I loved it, the second season was even better. They introduced a new character that fit in perfectly.