Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Squirrels of Metro Park (Beach)

The kids and I went to Metro Park today, Damian has been wanting to see a "Great Lake". On our journey back from the water Damian said to me "look at the squirrel", to my suprise when I turned around the squirrel was about three feet from me. It didnt stop there, it went around Damian and came right up to sis and I. Hailie was scared and started to cry, but it didnt stop Sandy Cheeks from getting about 1 foot from us, sitting down and waiting patiently. It was almost like he was waiting for a command. We walked about 10 feet away and the squirrel went up on a bench a sat down. Another family was coming down the other crosswalk, we watched them walk by and the squirrel did nothing. We then walked back, Damian first, the squirrel got down walked past Damian and came right back to Hailie again. He was never aggressive, just over friendly, I think. Strange thing was we encountered another squirrel on the way back to the car and he did the same thing, walked right up, so close this time that Hailie screamed and made sure I picked her up.

Here are some photos, I also sent
an invite to see more pictures taken


Mother Firefly said...

That's really wild.......anything like that ever happen before?

harleygirl13 said...

That was my question too!!!! Does she have any uncany way with animals? They definantly know she wouldn't hurt them.

Mother Firefly said...

Lol this family thinks alike