Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Something about that Kate, still makes me feel all funny inside.

Hurleys conversation about time travel and Back to the Future was awesome, I was wondering if that would come up in this
. Could this show get any f'ing better this season. So, I am rambling now, but it looks like maybe the asian guy was right about time travel, damn and i thought hurley had him.

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Mother Firefly said...

I finally got to watch Lost.... the conversation about Back to the Future and time travel was awesome. Isn't it interesting how one movie can become so intertwined in our psyches that we can reference it in a conversation and everyone gets it. I am not the biggest Back to the Future fan (never saw the sequels) and I haven't seen it in years - but they could reference the storyline like they did and it still made sense to me. Nice way to open up a dialogue about time travel!

Also I like the whole idea of how they believe they're not supposed to change things that happened- but not sure if what they're doing is changing that or not.

Did you wonder if Ben was kind of comatose because his whole fate was being decided? I'm glad to see Locke back as well.