Monday, December 8, 2008

Calling all movie nerds!!!

Ok people, I have a hard one here, so I suggests pulling in all the resources. This movie I saw the second half of in Marlette and when it finished I got up and walked over to Paula's house because there was no way I was sitting in the house. If you have been lucky enough to experience Marlette and more specificaly the 6000 block of West Marlette street you will know that there is some vortex there that lets spirits, good and bad, roam freely. I know our house and two houses down at a friends mom's house (Paula) there was always activity. This is could be a blog alone and we could all share stories of our experience as I am sure my mother, sister, Ryan and anyone who ventured into that area would concur some freaky shit would take place.

On with the movie.

This movie was on IFC i am going to say around '98, but between 97-99 is safe. There were two little girls, sisters, I am guessing one maybe 10-12 the other 7 or so, the main thing is one was a little older. Now the older one was into or liked to play with supposed witchcraft stuff, I cant remember if she had a book or someone was telling her this stuff. I am not sure the era, they lived in the woods. One night the older sister, gets younger sister to go into the woods and try some spell, they formed a circle with something and had to stay in it. After they did the summons or whatever it was I remember them hearing, seeing or feeling sometihng and when they did the little sister stepped outside the circle. Now we go back inside, the girls tuck in a go to bed. The little one wakes up in the middle of the night, looks in front of her at a big bookcase and on top of it was this little goat, devil dude with horns just sitting there smerking at her, scary as hell. If I remember right she tries talking to him and then hears something in the attic. She runs up there and finds this angle with his wings torn off and blood everywhere, it seemed like she new him. Now this wasnt a cheap movie, it was really well done and if I remember right it was in english, not a dub.

Oh and if anyone has been in the house in marlette, they know waking up and seeing someone watching you isnt strange, thats why that part was so fucked up. I can personaly remember back to the old house in NB having someone peer in at me, but one of the people who did it in Marl wasnt as friendly. Maybe sis you would like to start a topic on this?

Find the movie fuckers, its driving me nuts. Ryan I remember coming over and telling you about this immediatly.


Mother Firefly said...

I have a number of comments, so I will go in order of your blog.

1) HELL YES there was a vortex or portal or SOMETHING in that house. I had many experiences there that I have never had anywhere else - so you can't blame it on too many horror movies, etc.

2) yes we need a paranormal blog. We can make it a team effort. I would like to focus more on movies on my blog, and we can put paranormal experiences/resources/etc on that one. We can add team members to anyone who wants to participate.

3) The movie. I MUST research this. Sounds familiar. I have one question - are you sure this was a full length movie? I know IFC does show a number of short films, etc.

4) I woke up numerous times upstairs in that house and felt very much not alone ,and very much not in a good way.

5)What will we call our paranormal blog?
Let's throw out some names and then you can set up a vote.

6)Off-topic: I found a kick ass list of the best foreign horror films, will be posting that along with a review of Inside and maybe some others soon.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Everything sounds good, I will think of some names, but anything you pick will be fine, adding team members is a good idea.

Now you have me thinking if it was a short, I want to say I watched atleast 1/2 hour of it and it seemed to be on, but I dont know. If its a short it will be even harder to find

harleygirl13 said...

I wish you would have shared your experiences more and way before this. I can't remember to much going on but one time and I'll never forget it. I woke up in the night and there was a very loun roaring noise and bright light. I COULD NOT get out of bed. Something was holding me down. I was so scared. I couldn't breath and I wanted to get up and look but was to afraid at the same time. I have no idea how long it lasted but of couse seemed like forever. When it stopped I was to afraid to get up and check the house out.