Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Me and Mr Lincoln

Well somehow I have found my way back to Lincoln Nebraska. At least in the past it was due able, even though I don't like to hang out with all my coworkers, they were here to communicate with if I wanted. When you are out teaching its a different atmosphere, you are somewhat in charge and it just seems different (hard to explain). Plus a lot of the times the students will take you out, or like my trip to Seattle I had a coworker whom I have never met, that I spent all week with. So here in Lincoln, where we are lonely little worker ants and get analyzed all day, things aren't as fun, honestly I don't know what I am going to do here all week.

The drive to flint airport was horrible, the roads where a sheet of ice and their were accidents all over. I kept calling the
hot line to see, hoping, that my flight was cancelled, but no luck. I thought to how bad it would be to send my car into a low speed spin, off into the ditch, just to avoid this trip.

One last note about the trip, I had a moment of, well having a heart, at the airport. I
don't mean for woman, because I fall in love every time I go to an airport. Actually I often think of a "ticketing system" that a friend and I thought up, that every year you get one license to have anyone you want. When you pick someone the ticket transfers to them, every ticket can be used twice or be redeemed for a cash value. There was a lot more to this, but for legality reason and in case i ever run for president, we should stop there. So I was waiting at gate A5 in Minneapolis, a gates is a wing that goes from A1 in the center to i believe A13 at the very end, which is a dead end. There must have been a late flight that was making people late for their connecting flight because people were running behind us on the moving walkway. About 5 minutes into the random running people I (we) heard someone making a terrible growling, huffing, death breath noise every couple of seconds. It was a heavy weight man, who resembled Al from Tool Time, wearing a hunting jacket, full beard and carrying a bag. He apparently was part of the late flight group and was making every effort possible to get to the connector. The noise and facial expression wasn't of exhaustion, but death, he looked very close to a heart attack. I made a story up for this man, father of 3 , happily married, never travels but brothers talked him into this hunting trip. He misses his family, doesn't like to fly and just wants to get home. His fear sets in when his plane lands late and the board says he next flight departs in 5 minutes. So he puts every effort into getting their, dreading the idea of spending a night in the airport, a night away from his family. I thought about Mr. Al the entire way here, tomorrow I will check the Minneapolis news, just to make sure.


Big O said...

you should try that cajun joint there for food...hear its great!!!

Jumbo's Lezis said...

haha, buzzard billies, i might try and get out there, get me some take out

harleygirl13 said...

Well I'm sure you find something to do. Is it cold out there? What day do you come back. Good luck and try not to get to bored.

Mother Firefly said...

Hope you're hanging in there okay......
Loved the Al Tool time story!