Saturday, December 13, 2008


Some of these I am going to run through quickly as I am sure people (two who read this) probably seen them.

The Hulk:
The new one was very impressive, it didnt seem as childish, but they do need to get more into the action of the comic. I love the ending, I hope Downy keeps that role going for a while. I would be as upset to see Daniel Craig leave 007 and Bale leave Batman.

Star Wars Clone Wars:
I dont get into the star wars that much, so I assume if your a huge fan then this filled a small hole, but it probably made you mad with the childish jokes. If your not a fan and have a 7yr old that doesn't care less, then its perfect.

These last two I am putting the trailers on, they are both really good and just should be seen.

Sukiyaki a Western Django

Son of Rambow


Mother Firefly said...

You had me at Takashi Miike.
i will DEFINITELY be seeing that.

I saw Son of Rambow last year at the Milwaukee Film Festival. Loved it.

I heart the real Star Wars movies but I couldn't get into the fake ones. Not even with Ewan McGregor in them. You KNOW there's something very wrong there.

I thought the Hulk was okay. I love EW though, he makes me believe everything he does.

Bale leave Batman? Are you trying to give me nightmares?

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Right, Bale should be black balled so all he has is batman. I guess though I cant do that because I do like his other movies, like The Machinist, American Psycho and even that last one he did where he was the ex military guy wanting to get into the police academy.