Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fuck those Fucks

There is a handful list of tv shows, not movies that I will call great. Let me run them down.

Rescue Me

And The Riches, but who the fuck cares how good The Riches was. Who cares that Eddie Izzard rocked and Mini Driver was finally doing something watchable. Who the FUCK cares it won awards and was praised, lets just cancel the bitch. FX has a tendancie to yank our peters and run, look at "Over There", it was one season and they said FU loyal fans, FU. They keep toying with Rescue Me but we got it for one more season in May, 22 episodes, then we just sit back and see if they ruin something again.

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!


Mother Firefly said...

Well that sucks my ass. It was a good show. Eddie will rise again, though.

I just started watching the 4th season of Lost. DAMN. You know it's a good show when:
you never tell me jack shit AND
I can't stand watching the so called hero of the show 'act' (or whatever the hell he's doing... one of my favorite quotes from Knocked Up -
"You know what's interesting about Matthew Fox?
Absolutely nothing."
I mean, seriously. Do you know of anyone who makes more dumb faces per ten minutes of screen time?
I smell a drinking game......

but I'm still addicted. Of course, a certain character named Sayid ain't hurting my feelings at all. Just sayin'.

Californication will be next after Lost is done.

on a totally unrelated note....
NCLEX is Tuesday am. Then I am updating my blog and coming up with some names for the new one.
so start thinking.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Im a Sawyer man, hahaha, anyways good luck on the test

harleygirl13 said...

Hate it when they do that!!! I have started watching Californication. It is good. I got lost on Lost but I may start it again. If no more than for Sawyer!!

Mother Firefly said...

Sawyer is good too. Have you ever noticed that he is the Han Solo of that show? He even called Locke Yoda in season 4.

I think the creator is a big time Star Wars fan, whats her butt is totally Princess Leia and Jack is Luke. I never liked Luke either. Shit, even that big guy could be Chewbacca.