Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Rock n Rolla (blu-ray)

I'm not going to beat this up, my sister had a good review on her site. I really liked this, its safe to say if you liked Snatch, then you will probably like this. I still think Snatch is better, but I never once thought about when the movie will end.

Max Payne (blu-ray)

Another game gone movie and it happens to be a game, two part series, that I really enjoyed. I guess that would be why I feel obligated to buy the movie when it comes out. If you ever get a chance to play the game, do it before you watch the movie. The movie is an accelerated Max Payne 2. Max Paynes wife was killed in the first one, just like in the movie, but the second one is when he brought the entire thing down, that is where this movie ends. The cinemetography was good and of course my man crush on Mark Walhberg helps. It also features a short run of Olga Kurlenko, the sexy vixen who bared all in Hitman and is the latest Bond girl. She is also the love of my life and every reason I think I should order a Russian mail order bride. They didnt focus much on Payne's drug addiction in the beginning, but did show him using the Valkyre drug at the end, the one that makes you see demons and holuscinate. In the game Max is strung out and kills everyone, the movie fallows it loosely, but it does maintain the story line 100%. It is worth seeing, but I think a person who has played the game first, will enjoy it more.

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Mother Firefly said...

Rock n Rolla was a good way to spend the evening. I watched so many crap movies since then, I think if I saw it again for the first time now, I'd probably appreciate it even more.