Sunday, January 11, 2009


A quick rundown, very quick on a bunch of movies I have watched during my vacation and on my current trip.

Horton Hears a Who and Wall-E:
Both are really good, Wall-E by far the best, I love the way they showed humans in the future.

Narnia - PrinceCaspian
Not as good as the first one, but still really good. I hope they keep up the series, although according to the books the original kids are no longer in them. Well in the next one would be the youngest girl and her cousin and then from there its the cousin and a friend. Either way, I hope they keep it up, I would like to see it end properly on film.

Resident Evil - Degeneration *Blu-Ray looks really good
The next in the series this is the first of many computer animated full length movies. It kept up with the Resident evil feeling, even the very poor english translation was in it. It got a little slow near the end, but if your a fan of the games, then its worth a watch. If your more into the movies, then this may not mean as much to you.

Appleseed - Ex Machina **Blu-Ray looks really good
Just as good as the first, story and animation. Actually the animation was better do to the enhanced 1080p blu-ray. Its a strong addition to the series, if you like the first, you will love the second.

I am sure you have all seen this by now, but it was really funny. There was times when it was almost uncomfortable to watch. I would have expected the Will Farel train to slow down for me, but for some reason I keep thinking his movies are funny.

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Mother Firefly said...

I have some bummer news about Narnia - I just read in EW that there are no current plans to make any more movies.

I'm on the fence about seeing the Res. Evil movie. I also read another review by someone who loves the games who basically said the same thing you did. I never played the games, I only watched Milla kill zombies. And I liked it.

Stepbrothers was great. I heart the hell out of Will Farrell. There are few movies that I can watch over and over that make me laugh every time and he's in at least two of them...and has small parts in a few more.