Sunday, January 25, 2009

Movie Time

Ok, a brief overview of what I have seen.

Rest Stop 2: *Blu-Ray
As bad as Rest Stop one. The first one tried to trick you with, I am here, no I am a ghost, wait I am real, oh I am a ghost. They tried to keep the line between reality and delusion so close that it became ridiculous and stupid at times. In the second installment they kept it up, but this time did it ten more times, they also left a lot of holes. For instance one of our characters has to take a shit, so he lets the other car go on and stops off at a construction site to shit in a porta-potty. While in there he drops his magazine and reaches down to grab it, when a bloddy arm reaches in and grabs him. He shrieks, and then calmly grabs the magazine and goes on with his shit, forget what just happened. The rest of that scene was full of ridiculous things, proving how bad this film was going to be. They also pushed the reality line by having him meet a chic, covered in blood, give her first ad, make a picnic, clean the blood off her and then have sex, only to find out its not real. Watching the first one we can almost assume its not real, because we fell for it over and over in the original rest stop. Watch this is someone gives it to you and pays you $10.00.

Futurama - Benders Game *Blu-Ray 1080p
If you like the tv show then you will like the movie

Revolver *Blu-Ray 1080p
I have heard that Madonna's husband was a director and yet I had never heard of his work. I did see a preview for his new one Rock N Rolla, but it looked to Shoot Em Up. I saw this movie on Jason Statham's IMDB list and decided to give it a try, for Jason. The movie was more in the lines of Lock Stock and Snatch, rather than a kick ass film like Transporter or Crank. The cinematography was great, actually really great. The movie was almost a mind fuck, I have my opinon on what has happened, but I will post it later if someone else has seen it. The movie stars Jason Statham and the always stressed out, coke acting Ray Liota.


Mother Firefly said...

Rock n Rolla just came today. didn't expect it, had a lot of other things ahead of it...seems like netflix just sends me whatever the hell they feel like these days....I'll let you know what I think.

had a feeling I should skip Rest Stop 2, thanks for confirming it. you suffer so we don't have to.

Ray Liotta was even coke acting in his animated role in Bee Movie.
He used to be a hottie.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

I think Ray has to do a role that requires drugs all the time.