Sunday, January 4, 2009


I met OZMAN84 tonight, well not formally, but we did cross paths for a few miles on M24 today. I am going to make some assumptions about OZ, one being that "OZ Man" is a cool name that his pole barn drinking friends gave to him. The other being that 84 probably represents 1984, the year that he was born. This falls together a little more when we talk about the vehicle, a ~2000 Dodge Dakota sport, short box, non-extended black on black truck. Oh yes and Oz is sporting a faded confederate flag, probably put on the back window the same week he got his first truck. I have seen these before, its not like they are a secret, but this one really made me think. What would be a reason in 2009 to wave one of these flags? Lets say your family is a few generations deep from a confederate soldier and you live in the deep south, then maybe you can still feel strongly about your family beliefs. On the other hand if you feel this strongly would you move to a northern state? So I don't really know where i am going with this, but i don't understand why people whom probably don't even know what the flag stood for, go off and wave it with pride. I wonder if Oz wont drink from the same water fountain or wont go into a convenience store if "one of them" is working. Well again I am just going on and on, but I really would like to talk to OZMAN84 in person and ask him these questions personally.

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Mother Firefly said...

Pole Barn drinking buddies, haha, I love it.