Thursday, January 29, 2009


So here are a couple of my thoughts.

Dan said the bomb needed to be put in concrete. Remember a few seasons ago when Sayid was referring to all the concrete in Desmond's bunker? He said the last time he saw this much concrete it was covering up Chernobyl.

Locke and Richard talking about the compass. Remember when Richard came to visit locke's mother when he was a baby? He put out a bunch of items and locke picked out the compass.

Who's the new cute blond with the gun who seemed to know who Dan was?

How did the bomb and the military get there? Why did they leave it or can they not find the island anymore?

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Mother Firefly said...

HOLY SHIT- I totally forgot about the compass thing! Thanks for the reminder!
-I think you are right about the bomb and concrete.
-The guys on EW online guessed that Ellie might be Charlotte's mother.
-I think based on this week's show and how Dharma found the island in the first place, that the military can't find it anymore.

I like to check this site out after watching the show; although sometimes their written reviews go WAY over my head:,,1550612_20245764,00.html

and this Lost recap blog makes me laugh:

One day the show will be done and I will start at the beginning and watch it all over again. Can't wait.