Sunday, November 9, 2008

About those Ghost Hunters

Ok, I just want to recap on what I said about the Ghost Hunters. Personaly i dont feel like they have faked all their footage and proof in the past, but I do feel like they were forced to do something this live episode that they didnt agree with. I think this is evident with Jason's lake of concern with the coat tug and his distant feeling throughout the night. If you watch the video from the live feed (second video below) you see the three coat tugs on the collar as they happened at real time, once this happens Jason comes over and inspects Grants coat. Just after inspecting it he pats Grant on the back and about 2 seconds later Grants coat makes an unatural pull down, the same pull that happened earlier. The conspiracy video (thrid one below) is showing that pat on the back at the end. Once you understand what to look for watch the live feed again and see it in real time. Had that coat not moved the 4th time, remember during the reveal GH neglected to show it, I would believe it 100%. The GH guys are still my go to people when it comes to paranormal, I just hope they address this on wednesday during the roundtable.

Now there is a new show on Travel Channel called Ghost Adventures (click here ). Its about 3 guys whom lock themselves in supposed haunted houses for one night. They have no camera crews and no production, its just them and the cameras they set up. My tivo picked up an episode this weekend, I am going to watch it tonight and see how it is.

I am not giving up on GH, but I definitly think they need to address the problem. If anyone still isnt seeing it in the videos let me know.

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harleygirl13 said...

I see the tugs this time. I guess I'm wondering about his hand in his pocket all the time.It seems strange but I have not given up hope.