Sunday, November 9, 2008

Speaking of Ghost Adventures

If you havent read the prior post, please do so first. I want to approach this post as if nothing had happened with the Ghost Hunters and they still had my eternal respect, which they still do, depending on how they approach this. When I got home I was glad to see the tivo had picked up an episode of the new show Ghost Adventures (whom I will call GA). The concept is 3 guys, two investigators and one equipement/tech guy. The host of the show says to be a skeptic untill he saw something himself, now he has set out to prove what happened to him. They go to places which are supposed to have "mean" hauntings. They lock themselves in for the night and set out to piss the spirits off. They set up static cameras inside, outside and each carry a camera in which they film eachother with. The idea of the show is pretty cool and i must say I was impressed. They are no Ghost Hunters, they dont seem to be as professional and to be honest they seem to scare themselves a lot. I mean they are putting themselves in that position, they lock themselves inside a house for the night after hearing ghost stories about it, of course they are going to scare themselves. This episode about a house in florida was good, they caught a couple good things on camera. The show is worth seeing, its not GH, but it is a cool idea.

Friday's at 9:00

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