Sunday, November 2, 2008

Its a movie weekend!

Well I started the weekend off sick, or in the finals of a cold. I took friday off after barely making it through thursday and headed to saginaw around noon, went to Halie's school for a singing halloween thing and then off to trick or treat. It was a nice weekend for it, but it went south around 7 PM, thats when I reliazed melissa doesnt get Sci-Fi. I wanted to be part of the 7 hour investigation with my friends from GH and Destination Truth, but I had to sit back and wait to watch the Tivo'd version at home. So I went to my bag of new movies and decided to settle in and watch a few. Here we go, in order they appeared.

Friday: Halloween
Wanting to keep with the Halloween theme I went for the scary type movie in my bag. First lets talk about some things to come out of the 90's that we liked. Porn staring Jenna Jameson, Freddie Kruger and Tom Savini's redux of Night of the Living Dead. With that lets discuss their evil counterparts, like Jenna's gang rap (sorry jenna), Robert Englund trying to act and Zombie Ninja Gangbangers (click here). Ok so now that its all clear, lets talk about Zombie Strippers. I know i am not a director, but if i have a movie with a porn stars name on it and a title stripper, we best have lots of nudity and some good ole sex. What we get is no sex, about 1.5 seconds of frontal from Jenna and then her covering her breasts for the majority of the film. Of and when they are Zombies and they strip, they start taking less and less off. Its hard to believe that this movie wasnt non stop xx action, shit Porky's had more, and its good thing they didnt try and make a movie based on their title. There was a couple of funny parts, but only a couple, it was mainly plagged with horrible acting and even worse zombies. There was a scene where female anatomy was used as a weapon, but they refrained from even getting graphic. Rent at your own risk, mainily if your bored.

Saturday Afternoon: War, Inc.
Not a lot to say on this one, just another funny and good John Cusack film. I cant really think of any bad movies he has mad, I mean some are not great, but they are all watchable. Come on, what about "Better off Dead", I can still sit and laugh through this entire film, shit almost all his 80's films are classic. War, Inc has him back as hitman (like his excellent film, grosse pointe blanc), where he has to go to a war torn country to kill someone. The movie makes fun of our political system, presidents and our ability to market almost everything. I dont want to give to much away here, so definatly read about it and if it sounds good, rent it.

Saturday Night: Tracy Fragments
Hmmmm, ummmm, hmmmmm
If you lost your copy of Buffalo 66, you could watch this.
For those of you I work with this comment will make sense, its like having TMI read a script to a movie. Now for those of you that dont understand that, TMI is a person I work with, we have nicknames for everyone. When TMI talks its like this, lets put it in numbers, if you asked him to count to ten it would go like this. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ..... 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...1, 10. So if the confusion that makes, makes any sense, then welcome to Tracy Fragments. If you rent it, there is a special feature where people can take raw footage make their own Tracy Fragments movie, well the winner made a better video that the director did.

Sunday Afternoon: High School Musical 3
Well I have watched the first two when they came out on Disney Channel, Damian really liked it, so i have seen it a few times. When the 3rd edition came to theater I figured Damian would be more than excited to see it, but when I asked he wasnt interested at all. After some asking over and over I got it out of him that his friends would make fun of him for liking it and they wouldnt be his friends. I felt really bad, because I know what its like to enjoy something that other people dont and to be made fun of for it. I figured I was already making it better, because he could talk to someone about it. I asked him if he really wanted to see it and he said yes, but was still hesistant. I wanted to explain to him that if his friends make fun of him for it then they arent true friends, but he is onle 7 and thats hard to swallow at that age. The older you get your friends begin to accept you for who you are and not the things you like or dislike, so I decided to go another step. I told him we could go and it would be our secret, he didnt have to tell anyone and if anyone did find out he could tell them that his dad is a huge fan and made him go. So off to the movies we are, pop corn, pop and a musical. I have to say there are a lot of movies that I would have never watched had I not had kids. Watching those movies now I think I enjoy them a lot more. #3 was like the rest, singing, dancing and hot chics.


Mother Firefly said...

Yippee!!!! Movie Reviews! I vote for MORE movie reviews.
Here's my comments:
1) thanks for sparing me zombie strippers, I will take it off my netflix list.

2) I added War, Inc. I heart John C.

3) Tracy Fragments. Ohhhhh dude I'm so SORRY. If I'd have known, I'd have warned you. But you did a good job of explaining what a painful mess this movie is.

4)You are an AWESOME dad! There are probably not too many dads who would have even taken their kids to see HSM3, let alone talked them into it!

I think that is very cool what you did. I have never seen any of them but I know that they make a shitload of money so obviously tons of kids (boys and girls) are watching them. And you know damn well that the kids who are doing the teasing are probably kids who got teased for watching them (probably by an older sibling) and really just want to be watching them too.

the only thing you didn't say was what his review of it?

(I vote for MORE stories about the kids, too!)

Jumbo's Lezis said...

For the most part he liked it. I failed to mention that we left about 15 minutes early, someone had to use the bathroom really bad and I don't blame him for not wanting to go there. We will probably wait until it goes to the quad or when it is released to see it again.

harleygirl13 said...

I swear I am so out of the loop. I have never heard of these movies but will be on the look out for them. I could probably get my husband to watch something with Tracy in it.
I agree you are a VERY GOOD Father. Not many would go see the movie with their son. And I would like to have a talk with the kids that teased him. It was probably an older sibling that did the teasing to them first. It makes me mad that he had to feel that at such a young age. Nothing EVER should stand in any childs way of what they enjoy and love. My hat is off to you for handling it so well and getting him to feel good about going. BRAVO!!!