Sunday, November 23, 2008

Its movie time again

I failed before to mention that I saw SAW 32 or whatever it was a couple weeks a go. Well I am not sure if I forgot or just neglected to. The story was a Saw story and it had everything you expected. It did seem like they were doing everything they could to button up all the previous Saw's in this movie and in doing so the "Saw" style action that we are used to seemed more like a small side story than the main event. It didn't make things bad, it just made it seemed rushed when it came to the gore, even though they didn't hold back on this one. So if your a fan of the all the rest then you will more than likely need to see this one.

What a bad ass movie this was and what a ton of super nude, super hot chics. Let me start by giving some guidelines on watching this. Make sure you get the Blu-Ray copy and make sure you watch it on 50" of pure hi-def happiness. The movie was filmed to perfection and I think I need to mention the hot, fully nude, FULLY nude, woman. I do tred lightly when calling this bad ass, it really depends on your style, this one floats on bad to good. It got run over with poor reviews on IMDB, but the was either 1 star or 10 stars. Watch the trailer, read the snyopsis, but whatever you do dont read the reviews. If everything seems good so far, watch the damn movie. Bikers, babes and blood.

Deadspace: Downfall
Its an animation prequell to a game called, um Deadspace. Lots of gore, gore and more gore, good story too. Seems to be based on some religion, I should probably have seen the first one in the serioes. Either way it perked my interest in the upcoming game


Mother Firefly said...

I keep going back and forth whether I want to see Hell Ride. I hear reviews like what you mentioned, either people love it or they hate it. I thought it looked like old school exploitation fun....and I always like Michael Madsen even if he does pretty much play the same role in every movie.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Michael Madsen does play a creepy, sleazy guy who would make pron of himself and sell it, oh wait.

harleygirl13 said...

Well I'm going to look for Hell Ride for sure. I never listen to reviews because I watch them anyway. I think we have that weird sense of humor and love of gore that some people sorry to say were not blessed with. They are missing so much don't you think? I will have to look for Deadspace also. I havn't watched Saw 4 yet. I even bought it real cheep so I will get to it soon. I'm sorry to hear that 5 doesn't live up to the others but again I will have to watch it.

Mother Firefly said...

I agree, I wish more people were blessed with our weird sense of humor and the love of the gore.....I am wanting to throw a 'Gory Christmas' Party and show some fantastic scary Christmas films....wonder if anyone would come?
It'll probably just be me alone with a martini watching Black Christmas when the cookie baking is done per usual......