Thursday, November 6, 2008

What can happen next?

A lot of you know my love for the Ghost Hunters and how I have followed them around since the beginning watching their every move. I have had nothing but respect for them and believed everything they have done. So with this you know how much this bothers me to even talk about this. To me it's like being cheated on, lol, I mean it. Now as we sit thru and read this I would like you to watch the videos in order. I also noted that this year there have been a lot more voices heard outside of the EVP world, more audible to the naked ear. I watched in total about 4.5 hours of the live event and I got to see all the hiccups that happen during a live event. I did think to myself that Jason seemed very out of it and distant from the investigation. Not that it seemed he had something else on his mind, but that he was upset or pissed at the investigation. When things would happen Jason just seemed burnt out on them, or like he didn't care. I pushed it away and thought it was Halloween and he was away from home. I continued to watch my beloved Ghost Hunters throughout the night. I heard the voice live and couldn't believe it, I thought this is amazing. I called my sister and a friend to see if they heard it, but no one had watched it yet.

Sorry for the double post of video, both are the same, cant get the one to go away

Here is the voice.

I couldn't believe it at this point, i didn't want to stop watching, but I had to. I stopped the DVR and decided to wait until the review that was the next week. Normally Josh Gates interviews them and discuss what happens on the show. The review started with no Jason and Grant, just video, they were just showing clips from the live event. Fifteen minutes in I am seeing everything I saw live, but still no Jason, Grant or Josh, what the fuck was going on? I could still the the distance Jason had during the show, it reminded me of how someone acts on a double date when he doesn't like his date.

The footage of the collar getting tug hit me hard, I couldn't believe it. I thought wow, here we have interaction between a ghost and a human. Not only did the collar thing happen once, but three times total. I was blinded by what the odd revel was showing me, true footage, I was noticing nothing more than this great capture. The reveal showed 5 quick angles and that was all, nothing more on it. Here is footage from it live when it happened.

Coat Tugg.

I immediately called my sister and told her how cool it was and that there was another new episode coming on after this. After talking on the phone for a couple of minutes I rewound the tape and watched the coat tug over and over. It was then I remembered how distant Jason was and how he didn't really seem to care, like he almost was avoiding it? What is going on with him? It was about the tenth rewind I started to get mad at myself, I was getting mad because I was starting to question the coat tug. I was getting so mad that I decided I needed to go to the Sci-Fi website and read the forums, I wanted to hear from other fans that that would disprove my feelings that were starting to set in. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got to the forums, It was like hearing a girlfriend had cheated on me. People were mad and saying the same thing "Grant faked the coat footage" I read all the posts, heard all the stories and it all made sense. Was i falling victim to a conspiracy? Was this all shit and I needed to remember that they would never lie to me? People were posting things about Grant never taking his hand out of his pocket when it happened, the English guy snickering and Jason trying to avoid the stunt and getting mad. What? Whats this!!!! Jason was trying to avoid it? I had been seeing it, I had seen his distance and now I knew what it was, it was disapproval. Am i trying to form my own conspiracies now? Am I not believing the two people whom I trusted 110% I quickly went to Jason and Grants myspace pages to see if they have talked and they did. Grant swears his hand was outside the pocket and he didn't fake it, Jason says he believes Grant. i watched the footage again and was even more mad to see clearly his hand in the pocket. I wanted proof this was real, but it seemed to be slipping, the conspiracies made sense and I had seen all this, I just neglected to act on it. I didn't think it could any worse until I saw a post that read "Evidence it was fake". I opened it and read it with caution, but then there was a link. I opened up the youtube video and watched in horror as someone pointed out the bloopers and possible errors throughout the night.

Then at the end came the proof I needed, the proof I needed to realize it was fake. I am disgusted with what i saw, absolutely disgusted.

Here it is.

Next week there are having the round table show with Josh Gates, I can only hope that they nip this in the ass. I don't feel as though they will be on next season and if they are, I am confused on how I will feel about the show.

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Mother Firefly said...

Well. I watched everything and I guess I'm not convinced I saw things that were proof the show is faked. I think whoever made the video had an agenda, and most of the video didn't back up their opinions as to what was going on.
I do wonder about the voice- that seemed almost too good to be true.

As far as Grant and the recorder, I don't think the person who made the 'expose video' has ever used a digital recorder. They are not just a matter of 'stop and rewind'. Everytime you stop it, it makes a new file. he would have to go back to that file and play it. If he had a lot of files from that night, it might take some scrolling through the player to find it. That's the way mine works, anyway.

I watched the stuff with the coat a few times-I gave up because maybe I don't know what I'm looking for. I didn't see anything convincing either way-either that it was grabbed or that it was faked.

I know there are some people who just don't like this show and claim that it's fake- people who probably don't even watch it. If things were faked, that's really too bad because I always trusted this show, especially Jason and Grant. we'll see what the round table brings.

And as far as things being set up for shots- well, it's a tv show. It doesn't really matter what you shoot if it's not lit right or you can't see what's going on. somehow i think other reality shows have a lot more creative editing and set ups than GH.

I've watched this show since the beginning and seen PLENTY of shows where nothing was found - or things that were found got me excited, but were debunked by them.

It's as with anything involving the paranormal- for some reason there is a certain percentage of people who live to try to prove this stuff is fake. I don't know why it's so offensive to them for people to believe that the soul lives on after we leave here.

And in the end, it doesn't matter if GH ever existed- because no matter how many shows I see on this subject, my beliefs depend on my own experiences and what I have seen, felt, heard, and experienced during my lifetime. If I find out Jason and Grant lied to me, then I'll be disappointed, but what I have experienced won't have changed.

I think whoever made the youtube video had a personal agenda and that has to be taken into consideration when viewing it. I'm not saying nothing was faked, but I didn't see anything convincing that said otherwise.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

The most convincing thing to me isnt the way the collar moves the first three times, but it's what happens after Jason pats Grant on the back after inspecting the coat. If you notice at the end of the youtube video about 2 seconds after Jason touches the coat it does the exact same thing it did the first 3 times, it gets pulled down. No one from GH mentions it or do they show it on the review the other day, they just ignored it. If it was paranormal then it should have been discussed.

harleygirl13 said...

Well I have never watched the show I'm sorry to say. I watched the video and I'm not sure.Since I didn't have much to compare it to as far as other shows I was skeptical because of the bad acting or whatever they were doing. I think I am to much of a believer. I know there are ghosts and that our soul lives on. I would like to know what comes of the round table discussion. But I wouldn't give up on these guys. If they faked it and admit to it well maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time. But whatever the outcome don't give up on these kinds of shows. Sometime, someone will time it just right and we will be witness to it. Besides we have all had our own experiences to know that there are ghost. Let us know what happens.