Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost away

I wont get into details because I know some of you have not seen it. I have to say that this season of Lost, aside from the first couple, has to be one of the best.


Mother Firefly said...

I think I'm starting to see the 'big picture' on this show. Lovin' it. I think it works even better knowing that next season is the know they're heading towards explaining everything and that is really exciting.

How much did you love seeing the whole statue (even if only from the back) that the foot belonged to?

LOVE the whole new storyline with Sawyer.....about time they gave him something else to do this season besides run around with a gun and look surly....(although nobody does it better)

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Yeah it was cool seeing the statue. Ive always liked Sawyers character and Gin (sp?) too. Gin is like the silent killer, he doesnt get a lot of action seens but could kick anyones ass.

Now poor sawyer has to deal with freckles coming back when he has always hot Juliet at home

Mother Firefly said...

speaking of killers, I have went two or three shows now with little to NO Sayid......they better start making it up to me PRONTO.....the new redone Sawyer has moved into the post carbonite Han Solo phase....which is all well and good, but the lack of my Mr. Yum Yum and my favorite Scotsman has given me sad face.