Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Earning a little more respect.

I have been a Howard Stern fan/listnener for about 2 years now, I even subscribe to his Sirius show, which to me is one of the best shows around. One thing I have found over the years is I tend to like people more once they are on his show. For instance, Chevy Chase, I like most his movies, but that was about it, never new much about him. He had a personal beef with Howard for years and finally he came on the show last year to clear it up. The Chevy Chase that was on Stern reminded me of his National Lampoon character. He was super funny, crude and didn't give a shit what he said. He was telling a story about his abusive dad and how he would hide from him. Howard asked what he would do when his dad would come after him, Chevy responded that he would run up to him and start sucking his dick. Now I know in text this probably wasn't that funny, but hearing Chevy tell the story had me in tears, he just went on and on.

That brings me to today's guest, Russel Brand. I didn't like him in the MTV music awards and thought he was ok in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He was on Stern today talking about all his drug abuse and how he once jerked a guy off in the bathroom of a gay bar for a TV show. He was fucking hilarious on there and I started to give him a little respect.

I also thought Rosie O'Donnell was great on there and I was never a fan of hers. I think when people get on there they tend to loosen up and not worry about what others think. I will to this day stick by my words that Gilbert Gottfried is the funniest man alive when he is on that show. I know its a far leap, but he says some off the wall shit and a lot of the time Howard just lets him go on and on till he digs a hole he cant get out of. I don't know if any of these interviews are available online, maybe YouTube or torrents has them. If you don't have Sirius or ON Demand to watch the show, I highly suggest trying to get it elsewhere, especially those guests.


Mother Firefly said...

Well, dangit. I love Howard, used to listen to him on his old radio show, and I EVEN watched his old tv show.. I would buy Snapple every week to watch the show with.(Because snapple sponsored it and they advertised it all through the show) Maybe you even watched it with us back in the day when you came to stay with me when I was in college? I'm not talking about the E! show where they just filmed the radio show- I mean the FIRST show where they had skits and had things like Howard dressing up like Elvis and some fat hairy guy dressing up like Elvis' mom and carrying a purse full of mashed potatoes....which Howard as Elvis then ate...classy shit like that. F**king LOVED that show. Do you remember it?

I remember them sending Stuttering John after Chevy Chase to piss him off. But as much as I love Howard, I love Robin more. The news was always my favorite part. anyway, I have neither Syrius or Comcast so I suck. If I had Comcast, i could also watch Something Weird Video. Then I would not suck.

And I loved Russell Brand in Sarah Marshall. I loved him in the ads with Britney for the MTV awards but I thought he was so-so on the actual show- but then again I think most people who host the show generally end up being that way.

We went to see Sarah Marshall, literally because we'd seen everything else. Had zero expectations. Not only did I get a Dracula puppet musical (SCORE!) but I got Russell Brand and I dug it.

harleygirl13 said...

I haven't listened to Howard in a long time but use to love the show on TV.I will have to start listening again. I heart Russsel. he is on Dave Letternam alot and he totally cracks me up. He was on some morning show this week and Roger finally found out who I had been talking about. When we went to see the shuttle go up this week the hotel clerk looked and sounded jusy like Russel with a hair cut. Roger even told him.
I will look for the Howard interviews.

Mother Firefly said...

If you go on youtube and put in 'russell brand howard stern' you will find them. LOVE HIM