Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Aside from my sisters blog "Mother Firefly's Faster Pusscats" , Jorge Garcia's (Hurley from Lost) blog, "Dispatches from the Island" is probably one of my favorite blogs. I don't get all snickery about actors, but I think this is proof that Jorge (Hurley) is just another regular person. I think hes like a big kid, like all of us. Its definitely worth a read. It has little to do with Lost, so don't expect any secrets.

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Mother Firefly said...

I agree, Dispatches is a great blog. I sat down and read all his posts one day- his GF is from Milwaukee and he mentioned he'd been here, so I figured he posted about it and he did.

and I agree, he seems like a regular guy who just happened to fall into acting....probably didn't happen that way but the blog is great. He also manages to say a lot with just a few lines.

Something I am incapable of.

Thanks for the shout out to my blog, brothah!