Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Lost Book

I finished reading, about a month ago, The Third Policeman. It was the book that hid the Darma Initiative tape, the one Desmond instructed Locke to watch. The book was awesome, it was so dizzying and mind fucking that it actualy makes you sick to read, lol, im not kidding. Did you ever get those weird dreams when your sick, well thats how this book was. I would say this book could very well explain the first two, possibly 3 seasons.



Mother Firefly said...

holy CRAPOLA, I just finished last night's episode......just sat there with my mouth hanging open

Jumbo's Lezis said...

yeah, pretty fucking crazy. if what happened really happened, wouldnt all of this never have happened?

Mother Firefly said...

LOL- Yeah- EXACTLY. Which is why I think he's probably not dead. And it could also play into how everything happened in the first place. Because supposedly they were never supposed to leave in the first place.

Also Dharma seems to have a lack of doctors, I wonder if they out Jack as a surgeon to save Ben (I got that idea from

Oh well, it was nice to see Sexy Hair Version of Sayid out and about doin the hitman thing again... if only for one more time.